Love’s Infinite Form

“Reality could be considered as a symphony of harmonies,
 a complex song of acoustic resonance
 -of vibrations moving through the stream of awareness- 
bound in consciousness,
 yet reflecting thought
 in terms made tangible, 
through the vehicle of imagination 
and her many tools of cognitive manifestation-
 basically; one big dream, 
the heart of which, summed in read more…

Lost in Love

There comes a time in life when we find ourselves lost in love. To be lost in love is a magical moment that life allows us to feel. What is love? Love has many definitions, but what I call love, love is On going contentment and happiness within oneself, and when one can love themselves read more…

Create a Loving Relationship

Creating a loving relationship may require you to rethink and dispel certain myths.  >Share this Article on Facebook Myth #1: You always know how successful your relationship is by how you feel about each other. • Emotions and feeling change with time and are not reliable indicators of how successful your relationship is. • A read more…

The love you create

You are more than you realize. You are a big cosmic mirror projecting every emotion, every fear and insecurity into the universe where others pick up on it and feed like energy. If you fear he/she will cheat on you, they probably will. If you fear they will leave you, they more than likely will. read more…