Love And Your Celtic Tree Sign

By Carmel: The ancient Celts had a great respect for their native trees and land and venerated the spiritual aspects of their trees as well. To every month they ascribed a sacred tree sign that to them was part of the person’s destiny and predicted the pathways in their lives. It was considered very auspicious to be in tune with nature and to protect nature if you desired harmony and a blessed union.

If you know your sacred tree sign, you may like to plant such a tree in your own garden or have pictures or paintings of them in your house or apartment.

Here are your Celtic tree signs and what they mean for your love life:


Birch – December 24 to January 20
Power Lover- You are a person with a powerful need for life who loves to have a passionate and interested mate at your side. You can sometimes be a little too demanding in love which in your youth could prevent you from finding exactly the right partner but as you mature you can find that you are able to temper your energies and attract the person who wants to grow in wisdom and knowledge with you. Material security is very important to you, but you also need a person who will provide you with inspiration at your side.

Rowan – January 21 to February 17
The Considerate Lover – If you are born under Rowan, your mate’s happiness and their destiny path is as important to you as your own. You will spend a lot of time looking for the right mate and refuse to settle for second best in a partner. Although you are a caring individual you are also someone who needs to be with a person who is as intelligent and interested in life as you are. Always look for a person who is on your wavelength and take your time choosing a mate if you want to find true happiness.

Ash-February 18 to March 17
The Dream Lover- You were born dreaming of great love and how to find it and can be very romantic from when you are very young. Although you can settle early, you are likely to have several loves before finding the right one. Love for you is a process of maturing and realizing that your dreams are only realizable when you work at them as well. Tolerance and understanding appeal to you in a loved one and you find your compatible partner in creative pursuits .

Alder – March 18 to April 14
The Pioneering Lover – You are a dynamic person who may want to go on your own paths in life for yourself which may delay you settling down. You are a secret romantic though and you are always looking for a person who mirrors your own need to take on life as a major adventure. You have the chance to meet that special someone if you are open to connecting through a mutual interest like sports or community action areas. A partner who works in a similar field may suit you.

Willow- April 15 to May 12
The Insightful Lover – You have almost a telepathic connection with your loved one and you can usually read their feelings without even using words. Warm and caring you make a desirable mate but your possessive streak means you need to find loyalty in a partner or you will not stay long. Avoid any mate who does not respect your sensitivity as you can suffer deeply from your emotions. Respect your need for kindness and boundaries.

Hawthorn -May 13 to June 9
The Artistic Lover – You are a lover who has a refined sense of taste and style in life An ideal mate for you is a sophisticated person who is not afraid of enjoying culture and the arts. If you can you prefer to travel and experience as much as you can so you may find your soulmate from a foreign culture or background. You offer your mate a passionate devotion but you are not one to hide your needs or feelings. or emotions. Look for an expressive partner.

Oak – June 10 to July 7
The Practical Lover – Oak people are usually very reliable as partners and mates, and like to pursue and pick a similarly devoted lover. They have a finely tuned sense of intuition and empathy but they can become caught up with those who take advantage of their good natures. A stubborn streak could affect the harmony of their intimate relations however, so they must be prepared to give and take, respecting the needs of their significant other.

Holly – July 8 to August 4
The Powerful Lover – Your style of lover is one who needs to feel that you are able to share your broad vision of the world with a fellow traveler. Not one for small talk you are a unique but empathetic individual who does your best to adjust to your life. Mastering yourself and your destiny part of your journey on earth and you prefer a person who loves to communicate as you are not one for small talk. Look for a mate who is your equal in passion.

Hazel – August 5 to Sept 1
The Caring Lover – You are very insightful in love and often find a partner early in life. If not, you will usually meet your soul’s flame in a group you share common interests with. Developing some detachment in love is very important for you but you usually find a balance between self and other by the time you reach maturity. Those who find you as their special partner are fortunate indeed as you light up their lives!

Vine -September 2 to September 29th
The Intelligent Lover – Your love style is that you have a larger than life character that impresses all around you. It is important to you to have an equal balance in life and love so that you can devote yourself to the many causes and projects you love so much, so a partner who is in a similar field to you really appeals to you. You also have a delightful sense of humor that pleases your partner as well as a strong interest in sensual pleasures making you a sophisticated lover .

Ivy – September 30 to October 27th
The Protective Lover – Life teaches you some powerful lessons Ivy and in your relationships you look for a partner who appreciates that you can teach him or her about self love and balance. Although you may flirt when you are younger, as you grow you develop a loving nature and can find you are never short of mates who appreciate you and find your love nature irresistible! Love may come with friendship for you.

Reed – October 28th to November 4th
The Curious Lover – You see love as a learning experience and are tolerant to your partner’s quirks or personality differences. Possessing a fine sense of balance in love, you prefer peaceful interconnections and quickly withdraw from those who lack respect for others. The internet may provide you with options for meeting like minded souls if you exercise care and discretion in your choices.

Elder – November 25 to December 24th
The Aspiring Lover – You look for a soul flame that can be a real partner to you in all the important ways but you could find that you need to accept that all of us have some flaws. Learn to be kind to potential partners to really get to know the person within, as that will enable you to find happiness and often with a person who you meet in an almost pre-destined way! Show your softer side more often to attract your best companion in life.


Love and Light,


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