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Empowers clients to proceed forth with confidence.
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About Carmel

Clients come to me for my expert and down to earth advice, and because I have a 30 year plus reputation of known accuracy in my readings. I utilize my psychic gifts of second sight and a powerful understanding of a person's soul destiny to empower my client to proceed forth with confidence, and with the answers they need to manifest the best results.

I believe that we are souls who come to earth with a unique pathway. We are able to manifest the lives we want when we understand how we can work with our spiritual destinies to do so.?

I was born into a Celtic family of women who understood the gift of second sight and was seen at a very early age to be able to read aura and destiny for many people. I first began with the crystal ball, seeing images and visions in with which I was able to understand had a meaning for a person's fate. I was able to give people hope in cases where they had given up or reassure them they were on the right path, many thanked me for my help, although they were amazed at how I knew so much detail about their lives. Others asked me to pick up on loved ones who had passed on and were comforted by understanding that they always stay with us in spirit.

I began to meditate and was aware of Angel Guides who watch over and protect us whose energy we can access anytime if we know how.?I always felt very comfortable with this gift as I believe that we are on a spiritual journey as souls on this earth and that some of us have such gifts for a special purpose to enlighten and assist others. On my pathway, I have worked with and been taught by amazing spiritual mentors from astrologers to therapists who all predicted that I would greatly help others with my gifts and their predictions have proved correct. In my professional work of 30 years I have assisted clients to find the right partner, heal relationships or leave toxic situations, find the right career, or begin a healing journey of spirit and soul and have many client testimonials as to my accuracy in future events. I see Readings as a healing experience between the Reader and the Clients, where the Reader imparts special insight that unlock doors to new destinies for Clients, and dispels prior blocks to their future happiness by seeing deeply and quickly into areas that can be healed.

I believe that all people have a choice in life to live in harmony with their best spiritual destiny if they choose to, and it is my honour to be able to be a true guide to those who seek my advice. My readings are heart and soul based, and are practical and straight to the point. I also believe in positive empathetic readings that look to the best outcomes.

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