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Discover the power of energy healing, and unlock the vitality and fulfilment that comes from restoring harmony and balance in your spiritual life with a spiritual reading from one of Life Reader’s experienced and gifted energy healers. Choose your preferred practitioner below, then connect with them via online chat (first 4 minutes free) or phone (first calls only 19 cents per minute). It’s that simple!

Energy healing is based on the principle that there is a life force in the universe that can be channelled through one’s body, mind, and spirit and leads to vastly improved physical...
Energy healing is based on the principle that there is a life force in the universe that can be channelled through one’s body, mind, and spirit and leads to vastly improved physical and mental health, and a faster recovery process for bodily or emotional trauma and injuries. A spiritual healer is one who has a special sensitivity to this universal energy, and has honed their ability to harness its healing power and channel it through those in need. These healers are very compassionate people, dedicated to helping others realise the full potential of their lives through properly channelled energy and heightened spiritual awareness.

Physical injuries and stress or anxiety cause the natural flow of energy in your life to become disrupted or blocked, preventing you from full recovering and breaking free of negative thought patterns. Energy healing is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that focuses on the spiritual impact of life events, and helps you develop an awareness of your spiritual needs in regards to health and wellbeing. Energy healing compliments other medical procedures and aids in the recovery process from a spiritually aware perspective, ensuring that you have the information needed to reach a full recovery and access all the vitality and energy available in your life journey.

When our personal energy isn’t in harmony with the universal life energy we cannot embrace life to the fullest degree. Exhaustion, uncertainty, and stressful or negative thought patterns are often caused by disrupted or blocked energy, and spiritual healing can bring clarity to the causes of these ailments – empowering you with the knowledge needed to live a life that benefits every aspect of your being – spirit, body, and mind. Energy healing has lasting benefits doe to the spiritual awareness it fosters in its receivers, and will leave you with a full understanding of your health needs.

Many people choose to receive spiritual energy healing treatments because they feel that something is missing in their approach to life – perhaps they are not as excited by existence as in the past, or they are experiencing thought patterns that hold them back form embracing the moment. While the causes that such situations result from a varied and complex, the road to full recovery of your vitality and lust for life involves a spiritually focused approach. Energy healing helps you regain what is missing in your life, and gives you the knowledge needed to maintain a spiritually fulfilling lifestyle.
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