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Gain insights and guidance with a live online Tarot card reading from one of our professional Tarot readers. Discover the peace, freedom, and understanding that the Tarot can give you -choose your preferred reader below then connect with them either by phone, chat (first 4 minutes free!), or email. It’s that simple!

Tarot reading is the art of interpreting the symbols on Tarot cards, and the order they are drawn from the deck. The tarot has been revered for thousands of years for its ability to...
Tarot reading is the art of interpreting the symbols on Tarot cards, and the order they are drawn from the deck. The tarot has been revered for thousands of years for its ability to offer personal insights, not just into your future, but your past and present as well. Consulting the tarot can help guide you through confusing or troubling times in your life, giving you the clarity and fresh perspective needed to move forward. You can try our live Tarot readings online, by Tarot chat, email or phone, and experience the healing insights of Tarot card readings from your own home.

While the uninitiated often consider Tarot reading to be simply a way of predicting the future, true Tarot readings aim to give you the power to control your own future – allowing you the clarity and insight to make sound decisions and influence your fate. The Tarot is often described as a mirror, reflecting your subconscious thoughts and feelings clearly and directly. This unembellished insight into your subconscious is the true gift of the tarot, freeing you from worry, confusion, and doubt.

The pop-culture image of the Tarot card reader is the ornately dressed old woman, sitting in a candle-lit room, and always drawing out the Death Card to the horror of her patrons. While this perception of tarot readers has been popularised by Hollywood movies, an element of fear has surrounded the popular perception of tarot readers for centuries. This is unfortunate, as a Tarot reading is actually an uplifting, positive experience – leaving you feeling revitalised, in control, and ready for the future.

A tarot reader is simply a person with a high level of intuition, empathy, and sensitivity to symbolism – often the Tarot will find them, with their life path naturally leading to learning the art of Tarot reading. Such people are called to Tarot reading by their desire to help others, and their sensitive natures make them conduits for the mysterious guiding power contained in the Tarot cards. At Life Reader we have provided a perfect place for tarot readers to reach those who need the Tarot’s guidance, offering live tarot readings via online chat and tarot readings by phone that can be accessed easily by anybody from anywhere.

The rising popularity of services like live Tarot card readings online, phone Tarot readings, and Tarot chat has made much progress in removing the sense of darkness and fear associated with the Tarot, with many people able to realise its value in the comfort of their own homes. While Tarot readings over the phone or live online may seem impersonal to the inexperienced, a talented Tarot reader will be able to create the personal connection necessary to perform your reading without your physical presence.

Reach out to one of our talented Tarot readers below, and see for yourself why the insights of the Tarot have been held in such high regard for so many centuries.
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