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Discover what the future holds and gain deeper insights into life events with a tea leaf reading from one of Life Reader’s gifted psychic readers. To initiate a tea leaf or coffee reading, choose your preferred psychic below and connect with them either via live online chat (first 4 minutes free) or phone reading (first calls are only 19 cents per minute). It’s that simple!

Coffee reading or tea leaf reading (also known as tasseomancy) is one of the oldest and most respected aids to clairvoyant perception used during psychic readings, and in the hands ...
Coffee reading or tea leaf reading (also known as tasseomancy) is one of the oldest and most respected aids to clairvoyant perception used during psychic readings, and in the hands of gifted and in-tune spirit guide, the tea and coffee leaves can reveal many insights into all aspects of an individual’s life journey. Interpreting a tea reading requires a level of learned knowledge as well as an innate psychic sensitivity to the spirit realm, and the techniques involved in reading the tea and coffee leaves have been passed down since ancient history – enduring due to its highly effective spiritual properties and easily accessible nature.

Learning to read the tea leafs is possible for anybody, but requires a strong connection to intuitive understanding. There are certain universal symbols and patterns formed in the tea leafs, but interpreting these effectively requires and understanding of the personal implications – this is something that can only be developed in those with the clairvoyant gift, and those who can perform in-depth tea readings have been revered throughout history. Those without sensitivity to the spirit realm can still gain insights into future events through reading the symbols the tea forms, but their understanding will lack the deeper spiritual understanding of a clairvoyant interpretation.

Unlike many other well-known forms of psychic divination such as tarot reading, rune interpretation, and crystal gazing, tea leaf readings do not require the psychic reader to possess rare or specialist equipment – the readings can be performed wherever a cup and tea or coffee leaves are present, making it a very versatile and convenient reading tool for psychic practitioners. While lacking the beautiful physical objects associated with some other psychic divination tools, tea reading still gives a rich and vibrant spiritual depth to your perspective on life, uncovering the full potential within your life journey. Tea reading can give you understanding of the external events in your life, and also allows for a deeper introspection and understanding of your own mind, body, and spirit. The patterns of your life and the preferences of your mind are both brought to light through a reading of the tea leaves, and you are left with a strong sense of spiritual balance and acceptance in every area of your life.
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