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Learn how to overcome fertility issues, discover the most conducive time to get pregnant, and gain understanding of natural fertility with a consultation with one of Life Readers professional and compassionate natural fertility experts. To begin your fertility psychic reading, select your preferred practitioner below and connect with them either via live online chat (first three minutes are free) or phone reading (first calls are only 19 cents per minute). It’s that simple!

If you are having trouble conceiving a child, or are wondering when the best time for conception is, your first step should be a spiritual reading from a natural fertility expert. While...
If you are having trouble conceiving a child, or are wondering when the best time for conception is, your first step should be a spiritual reading from a natural fertility expert. While sometimes infertility requires medical treatment, many times the natural spiritual healing techniques of practises like Reiki or Tantra meditation are all that is required. The creation of life is deeply tied to your spiritual existence, and an awareness of your spiritual needs and preferences helps you understand your body’s natural fertility cycles – allowing you to choose the right time to get pregnant, and helping you understand the underlying causes behind fertility issues. Before seeking invasive medical treatments for fertility problems, you can consider a fertility psychic reading and meditative process to see if this reveals the causes of your fertility problems.

Spiritual meditation and internal insight is vital to the physical and mental health you have on your life journey. When one approaches life with the body, mind, and spirit in balance, many common physical and mental ailments can be removed from the body - unlocking the natural healing power of living in tune with nature and the spiritual energy of the universe. Often fertility is affected by diet and lifestyle issues, where your body intuitively knows you are not in the healthiest state for pregnancy and raising a child. Spiritual healing and meditative practises can help you understand the health needs specific to your body, mind, and spirit, and adjust your lifestyle to suit your specific life energy. This has a tremendous positive effect on all aspects of your life, and is often the secret to regaining your fertility and creating a child at the most spiritually conducive time.

Holistic treatment methods such as Reiki and various meditative practises are not meant to replace the medical procedures associated with resolving fertility issues – rather they aim to impart the deeper internal awareness that can identify fertility issues and other health problems that don’t need medical procedures – teaching you how to heal yourself through living a harmonious life in balance with your environment and personal needs.
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