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Gain insights into what the fates have in store for your future and the spiritual influences present in your life with an online crystal ball reading from one of Life Reader’s highly gifted and experienced psychic readers. Simply choose your preferred clairvoyant or other spirit guide below, and connect immediately either via live online chat (first 4 minutes free) or phone reading (first calls only 19 cents per minute). It’s that simple!

Crystal balls are used during readings by many psychics and clairvoyants as an aid to connecting with the spirits and essential energies of the universe. The crystal ball is particularly...
Crystal balls are used during readings by many psychics and clairvoyants as an aid to connecting with the spirits and essential energies of the universe. The crystal ball is particularly suited to imparting messages and channelling communications, and those with the gift of psychic insight can gain understanding and knowledge simply by gazing into its translucent depths. Divination via crystal gazing is a tradition in a diverse range of different, unconnected societies and cultures, and the crystal ball was developed as an aid to mysticism independently all over the world.

Crystal ball reading is one of the most popular ways to gain psychic insights, and the messages and understanding that can be gained from crystal ball gazing is applicable to anybody’s life. Like the tarot, runes, and other symbolic psychic aids, crystal balls are a conduit for activity from the spirit realm – the psychic reader has learned to interpret the effects that spirits have on the crystal ball, allowing them to facilitate direct communication between spirits and their clients or to offer general spiritual insights into one’s life path.

A crystal ball reading from a professional and gifted psychic can leave you with peace of mind and empowered to act with confidence and full awareness of the consequences of your actions and the underlying influences in your life. Crystal gazing offers clarity during times of confusion and stress, helping you uncover you deeper needs and desires and how to manifest the future you want. While many people think of crystal balls as a tool for predicting the future, the truth is that your future is not set in stone – a crystal reading can give insight into the direction you’re heading, but also how you can take control of your life path and create a spiritually fulfilling future.

The crystal ball holds many secrets in the hands of a psychic reader, and the spiritual messages that are imparted can help you look at your life as a whole – recognising the patterns at play in life events, and understanding how to get the full potential from each moment. Negative moments can become learning experiences and positive moments are heightened to their fullest when one is spiritually aware, and that is the gift of a crystal ball reading.
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