Are You In A Karmic Soulmate Relationship?

By Sarah: Greetings beautiful beings! My specialty is helping people work through difficult times in relationships. Twin Flames and Soulmates working together as a team. But what happens when two people happen to be karmic soulmates? What happens in the relationship to make it work?

Karmic soulmates are old souls brought together on a new path. Their meeting would have been out of the ordinary and the connection intense. They know 100% they are meant to be together. However the path forward becomes rocky – and at times unstable.

The couple will be forced to face their own mirror through the other person. Things may be said in arguments that cause deep hurt to the other person. 


Usually in a Karmic Soulmate relationship one person is more spiritually evolved than the other. So this means one partner loves crystals, understands or is interested in Astrology. They may be curious about past lives, but they completely understand the vibration of using the Law of Attraction.

The other partner may not yet have woken up and will still be grounded in the human reality of 3D living which is all fear based. One partner focuses on goodness and love and is aware of their own inner demons or shadow self – whereas the other operates outwards through ego and refuses to face the part of them that may be insecure, guilty or even insecure.

Matching couples like this have a very tough path managing disagreements. More often than not it is the woman out of the two who is the awakened one and in touch with her true self – however in recent months I have noticed that men are starting to awaken too.

Arguments will be constant over trivial things and the lesson for the awakened soul to practice calm and compassion. This can get very hard and eventually the Empath will snap and experience a supernova – and tell the 3D partner some painful home truths about themselves.

The 3D partner functions through Ego and they have not actually had to face themselves most particularly the shadow self. They will be deeply insulted by the accusations from the 5D partner. Peace vacates the relationship.

So this is how you heal and solve this relationship. You face your greatest fear and have a separation. As long as it takes until both have healed.

The 3D partner needs to face the consequences of all their actions. Being protected by their empathic 5D partner is not serving them as they are unable to grow.

Whilst the 3D partner is experiencing all their karma and experiencing judgement and awakening – the evolved 5D partner holds strong in the Faith that this is a spiritual awakening process that takes time.

Patience is needed and the protection of the Angels is extremely powerful. Light a candle and ask the Angels to guide and protect you both on this journey. Whilst apart get into the habit of lighting a candle to enhance a spiritual environment in which you can be calm and focused.

Before you go to sleep at night say a short prayer for you both and ask to appear in their dreams but in a positive way. And most importantly have no contact until your 3D partner contacts you. They need to miss you and feel starved of your energy.

We are moving into a new world and a new era. Not everyone will understand that I have written but to those who have eyes and ears heed my call.

You are in your partner’s life to help awaken their soul – this is your mission on earth right now. With the recent Sirius Gateway a week or two back Twin flames have been cast apart to experience life without their mate. It’s simply a process unfolding as in the next decade couples will be working together in unison to manifest a more peaceful reality into existence. 

If you would like to know more or perhaps think that you are in a Karmic Soulmate relationship- consider having a Reading with me. It is my specialty of healing and I can help you mend toxic wounds caused by Ego and repair your energy body.


Much Love and Light,


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