Moving Through Loss

By Annelize: The moment we lose someone, the biggest loss is the sudden cutoff, the losing of an energy being we were connected to. This sudden loss, which was out of our control, makes us feel helpless, and without any control. The truth of relationships in our lives is that we tend to make everything we build our life on, around people and connections. The reality of it all is that it is the energy we connect with, the connections with others are energy and we tap into that. The vibrational output another person sends out, and what you receive from that connection. The loss rips away a part that played a huge role in our lives. We feel that void, that emptiness, that loss, but in fact what we feel is the loss of energy. 

What I do want to focus on is moving through the loss we are experiencing. Is it even possible to feel whole again, to feel alive again? If we know that everything is energy and we are always connected to everything around us, we would know that our loved ones are not very far from us. 


The method that works when we feel stuck and experience a huge void or empty space in us, due to the loss, is what I call the Moving Love Method.  

We tap into the positive energy we can feel about the passed loved one. I suggest you make a list of everything you feel the loved one influenced positively in your life. What positive effects did they have on you? The positive feelings, emotions, and effects. 

Positive emotions example:

-I always laughed when he entered the room. 

Then I want you to visualize and see a situation where that occurred and how you felt in that moment. 

Past situation example: 

-He arrived one day, he had a crazy old lady’s hat on, and making a joke he entered the house, I burst out in laughter. 

How does that memory make you feel? Go deeper into that feeling, in that specific situation the feelings could be laughter, joy, awe, love, and kindness. Then using those emotions, feel how it feels. 

Feeling example:

– I felt love, laughter, awe, and kindness and could just be myself, unconditionally loved. 

Now I want you to connect that with a similar situation where you can feel the same emotions now. Or at least one of them. Using the feeling of unconditional love in the example.

Now situation example:

When I sit with my dog and pat her, I feel that same love of totally accepting unconditional love from her. 

Connecting with the same feeling it created with the loved one, connecting it now, and feeling those same emotions. This makes the connection in energy, and there is a way to move through the loss in a bit gentler way.

Energy connects the past, present, and future, and is not differentiated in time. So your loved one is not connected to time as we are. When you go into those positive emotions you felt, you connect with the energy that was emitted with their presence. You connect with yourself, your inner being, your inner spirit. And your inner spirit connects with these emotions that the person emitted in the spiritual plane. There is a connection. But, we take it one step further, we then connect those emotions to something here and now as well. So you can relate that you do feel these at this present moment. It is like moving through all the connections, feeling that it is still there and is always available if we look for it, and connect with it, but in different ways than before. We might not have the person around anymore, but we can still feel the same emotions that person kindled in our being, the same tangible energy.


Love and Light,


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