The One You’re Meant to Love

By Isabella: I’d like to start by saying “hope” and “visual manifesting” are beautiful things. I am, after all, the eternal optimist. However, I am also a realist and believe that diluting one’s self can be debilitating and dangerous given many dementia and Alzheimer’s patients had “selective memory” (they chose to forget unpleasant things) before actually getting those diagnoses. 

I get calls every day from men and women holding on to relationships that every sign screams are over. I am always flabbergasted by a caller’s surprise when I tell them their former partner has moved on with someone else, especially when they broke up with that partner more than a year ago.


Folks, life is messy but you can be assured of one absolute; in fact I wrote this quote in one of my best-selling books years ago: “Those who are intended to love you…WILL.” No matter what you say, do or even how you behave, if it is co-written by you in the heavens before you came to earth, it is almost full-proof. I say “almost” because believe it or not many, who want the beautiful, romantic outcome they seek, are often their worst saboteurs and often push love away for fear of being hurt. Insecurity and a lack of self-love, self-respect and confidence is the number 2 killer of relationships. Cheating is number 1. 

When you love, be sure your intended is actually WORTHY of YOUR LOVE, not the other way around. While chemistry and sexual energy are important they are not the most important aspects of a relationship. Mutual respect, spiritual equality; financial, emotional and intellectual equality, commonalities and virtue are all more important than how someone looks or is in bed. Many don’t get that basic fact. If you’re lucky enough to have a long lasting relationship, you’ll find that in the end it is a powerful friendship, an alliance, a trusted companion. Sex and looks fade, but loyalty, devotion, common interests and mutual respect, stay. If you’re settling for less you’re with a karmic partner not a lifelong partner.

The signs are everywhere if you just let go and trust that the one you’re intended to meet won’t live out of state, out of country or even 100 miles from you. The person you are intended to partner with will be close, will be easy to love, will warm your heart the minute you meet, will inspire the angels and God to give you dreams of what is to come or what your connection is from previous incarnations. The one you are supposed to be with will be more than sex, more than lust, deeper than shallow, substantive and will ADD to your life in ways you could never have imagined and you will ADD to their life. 

Wishing you love that flows and lasts forever. 


With beams of Love and Light,


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