Surviving Emotional Tsunamis

By Aleece: Feelings are fluid. Rising and falling, lifting in ecstasy or choking in overwhelm. What can a person do when a Tsunami of Big Feelings hits Wholesome thoughts of Generosity and Well-being evaporate leaving condensation of unwholesome ones like Pity and Judgment? Mind the moment… it conditions the next.

How do you process the BIG waves of emotions, emerging resilient, thriving? One way to do it is the same as you deal with electricity?! Ground it.

Emotions are Energy and benefit from grounding as well.


How do you ground? Can you step outside? First, the change of air helps handle your surging feelings. Energy alchemy takes place when you take in expansive slower breaths. More oxygen will flow in creating a bit more space, giving you the opportunity for a response rather than reacting. Next, kick off your shoes. Grounding happens when you step barefoot on Mother Earth. She is available to comfort and support you, and can receive your excess energy. The Earth literally  absorbs the ions, grounds the energy. Rubber soles of shoes impede this.

What if you aren’t able to go outside? (not convenient, not available, or not allowed) What do you do to clear your head? There are some very instinctive actions to take, one is heaving a sigh.

Let’s remember the body is so designed to support and aid your survival! When you are exasperated, it is natural to sigh. It is also effective in releasing the tight band around your ribs from the tension of the big feelings. Try it right now while you are not in the midst of angst and really make a sound of it- “aaaaahhh.” Do it again a few more times, so you can remember this tool.

When in the midst of a big wave crashing around you, it is essential to keep it simple.

When the wave of emotions has ebbed, for that is what emotions do, rise and fall, crash and gently roll, there is time for nurturing yourself. There are more intentional powerful releasing sounds you can make that are healing to the body and its organs. Contact me and I am glad to be of support with more information.Together we can marshal your forces to work even better for clarity of thought. For example, clarity can be funneled with the conscious action of placing one palm on your forehead and the other on the back of your head, it syncs up the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Now when that happens, you are able to access all of your coping skills. You can even give yourself pep talks with “I’ve got this,” over a negative narrative,”this is more than I can bear.”

There are more sensory tools to have on hand, like aromatherapy, learning what smells relax your limbic system so it calms down from the flight, fright, or freeze reaction. But realize that within yourself, you have ways to ride the wave of big feelings. 

Moving your body is key. There is popping up on your toes, and stomping. There is shaking your arms like flinging off ants. There are rocking motions  that soothe your body. The main idea is let the emotions move on through, rather than getting stuck in your tissues, that can later cause you issues. It is okay to hug yourself and sway like you are comforting a baby. We are all made to be able to self soothe ourselves when we need to, and when you are in a crisis from conflict, rejection, disappointment, hurt, betrayal, abandonment etc, it is good to know you have what it takes to come back with resilience.

I recently had to practice these things as we made a move right before school began to a location where there had been a huge surge of Covid-19 cases, so school would be online. On top of that stress, I was without my partner, and the first day of online school unfolded with not one class live streaming,making many calls to the school, and emails to the teacher. My partner is who would normally take care of this type of issue. I had to remain coherent for the benefit of my child, and I naturally went outside and took breathers. It worked. I am not telling you something for your entertainment, but for your aid. I remained calm, and able to communicate and think to get what was needed done. And the rest of the week clear sailing, out of the storm.

 You really do have what it takes to thrive, as you stand on the strength of your ancestors, some who actually did face tsunamis and survived!


Love and Light,


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