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About Aleece

I am a healer, wellness advocate, and long-time spiritual mentor. I have used my hands and words to heal. I have the gift of receiving messages that give guidance. The Spirit is ever-present and willing to guide us into freer and fuller life experiences. I help people find answers, clarity, and direction in times of need. I believe all readings are guided by a higher power that wants to help. There is a path that you are meant to travel. I want you to feel the love, happiness, and joy that life is can give you. I will not sacrifice the truth to spare your feelings.

I have the gift of speaking in tongues, receiving messages that give guidance. A long time student of the Bible and now aware of Universal Love which exceeds my Christian roots. The Divine Consciousness is available to all. Emotional wholeness is key to being happy in the present and can even lead to the dissolution of disease! I have been sensitive all my life. I truly want the best for each and every one of the wonderful people who call me. You can change your past by changing your perspective of it. I will help you to clear away the old and feel wonderful as you move into the future.

I am here to help callers walk down the best path for whatever situation they are facing. I particularly enjoy helping callers explore various ways to energize and activate their own unique spiritual development. Through readings rooted in compassion, I can guide you to your own true path. Truth reveals itself to me, like when I dreamed of Elvis dying, told my mom and later that day it was in the news he had died. I was the one who had a sense of where to find my missing toddler brother- under the neighbor’s canoe and discovered my dad was having an affair. My lifestyle has long included faith, prayer, layered to include energy healing, yoga, qigong, meditation, and ever-expanding to include oracle messages from nature, cards, runes, and more. A student of life’s miracles, ever curious about science, I am guided by Divine Intelligence. I trust in that Awareness to help clarify where you put your trust, so you can feel the love, happiness, and joy available. I am nicknamed Sunny because I bring light, gratitude, and hope. I offer myself to you with the aim of lifting your spirit, sharing peace into your heart, and equipping your mind for action
I am a non-judgmental reader, I understand we each have unique life events that define our paths. I will lift you up when you may have thought there was no way to succeed. A compassionate intuitive, I will support your efforts to improve your life after finding the answers you seek. My experience of using my intuition as led me into various roles: Spiritual Mentor Wellness Advocate, healer Child advocate/Foster and Adoptive Parent, Dental Professional, Educator, World traveler and volunteer.
I believe psychic readings are most helpful when you feel stuck and without hope. Accuracy is paramount, and my accurate readings mean my callers can have faith and confidence in my predictions. I will leave you with a lighter heart and clearer head to move you through any difficulty.

My Experience

Spiritual Mentor
Wellness Advocate

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