May – The Month Of Changes, For Change

By Aleece: May is the fifth month of our year, and the number five often signals change. The fifth numeral is energetic, restless, and in perpetual motion. In the Northern Hemisphere, flowers are blooming in full force of Spring, and in the Southern Hemisphere the trees are changing colors. As nature demonstrates, change can bring color to your life if you release constraints on your mind and spirit. If you have trouble taking risks, this is the month for taking a leap of faith.

I always find there is grace to support in the face of change. Look for all the resources available to you and do not be afraid to ask others for help. This is the time to get off the sidelines of your life and laugh at yourself as you stay flexible in the midst of change. 


As I reflect on my past experiences, the month of May has always served me in a manner of going deeper in understanding and resetting my intentions. January may have had me deciding I wanted to do yoga to take care of myself, and May asks would you still like a chance to do that? I have found that May has been my month of giving myself a second chance at loving myself.

I invite you to take that grace of a “do-over” and put the energy of thought into action.

Now if you are looking for a job, May is not the best month, because the number five does not like settling down. If you are looking for a change, you can make it, but be prepared for a wild ride. 

Interesting to note that in Tarot, the fifth Major Arcana, the Heirophant,  (also the theme of this year 2021, as you add the numbers up of the year 2+0+2+1= 5) and look that there are changes to our traditions and institutions going on currently to be in better alignment for what truly serves the people. Companies are having their big buildings empty as people work online from home, churches are having zoom gatherings, and laws are being challenged in how police are held accountable. So many other examples of how institutions are having to make changes, and traditions shift. In the  history of the United States, the month of May is when the Supreme Court ruled segregation of schools unconstitutional in 1954, the FDA approved birth control pills in 1960, and the first same sex marriage was performed in Massachusetts in 2004. The United States launched its Space Station in the month of May in 1973, back in 1804, Lewis and Clark embarked on their expedition. The movie Star Wars premiered in 1977 in the month of May.

So what do you want to launch, embark on or premier in your life? This month invites you to action. You are supported with grace to step out of your rut and go for it. Have you needed a second try? Time is now- seize the day, or the month as it is.

Unique to May is that it begins and ends on the same day of the week. The flower for May is the Lily of the Valley, small white fragrant bell shaped flowers, that in the language of flowers, represents a return to happiness, also denotes good fortune and joy. There is substance to stand on when you decide to go for it this month. There is stability from Mother Earth as you take your leap. 

What are you in the midst of change, or changing? I am glad to support and clarify your steps as you navigate your path.


Love and Light,


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