Christmas Wish For Connection

By Aleece: Santa’s list-Wishing upon a star, or solar eclipses…

Do you get what you want by the Magic of a shelf elf? 

How does one truly get what you want?

To answer that question, I ask another question.

What does real manifesting look like?

Well, let’s look to nature for a tangible example of manifesting:

Oysters. Oysters take in water from the river and filter it, leaving the river water cleaner as a result. They get food, and the river gets filtered and cleaner. How? By an oyster being who it really is, it contributes to where it lives. It becomes a force of nature when in an oyster bed with others particularly.


In a similar fashion what you take in and filter through your soul presence manifests also. For example, consider social media as your river, drawn to belong and connect socially, a stepping stone into real relationships, it results with your parasympathetic system supported and a boost in your immunity. Being social beings we benefit from being connected to others. Our body is wired with a vagus nerve that is stimulated by social interaction. We benefit from being with others.

What we give energy to, stirs up choices and actions for our life. But before we are social beings, we are individuals with belief systems.

For example, the end of year plus Holidays can put pressure on how you judge your relationships. How do you want to show up for yourself in your interactions with others? What do you really want to have come from your relationships? A safe place to live, laugh and love? Is this what you want?

Start with setting healthy boundaries. It is necessary for a safe place for true love to be sustained. The root base of this is loving yourself. This is not a fall back plan if you are alone, it is the means for you to be supported and open to receive and give love in a healthy relationship. Self love frees you from being passive, people pleasing, and powerless. Self-love listens to the shadow side of your inner child’s needs and feelings and doesn’t ignore or escape into busyness. Self-love recognizes and doesn’t judge the resentment that comes from feeling you deserved better than you got. The very act of recognizing this feeling, allows it to transmute; the heavy need to prove to others you are worth attention, becomes lighter, and more playful. This shift of energy will attract and draw in the attention you crave.

Living by intention and determining what needs care, so it can bloom and grow into more of what your heart longs for, this is leveling up. A love that is reciprocated, a healthy give and take, being seen and heard with a sense of belonging. 

Researcher and educator Brene Brown is an expert on the subject of belonging. She is emphatic on the fact that fitting in is not the same as belonging.

In fact “fitting in” is chameleon living, external masking, and acting not authentically. Belonging is internal, rooted to something greater than ourselves; a Love that supports you, and you trust it.

If this holiday season has a touch of desperate rush into the normal hustle and bustle of gifts and gatherings, after the pandemic lockdowns, I offer a choice to nurture yourself and choose your investments of energy with the power of observing what feels real. Fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging. Fitting in is assessing situations and groups of people and twisting yourself into a human pretzel  in order to get others to let you hang out with them. Belonging is something else entirely- it is showing up and letting yourself be open to be known. This is possible if you are loving yourself first. (If you are not letting yourself be known, then you will feel closed off, a tightness in your chest and no amount of wishful thinking will manifest your desires.)

 I bless your power of choices. Choice is the real magic of manifesting. May you have clarity to see the first baby step needed to walk in the light of what is true for you. 

My intention for you is for your heart to experience love deeply by first choosing to love yourself. May the sound of silver bells ring alongside your soul being seen and heard, as this is what it craves. 


Spirit making things bright.

Love and Light,


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