Love, Technology And Why We Don’t Really Talk Anymore

By Psychic Patrick: Have you ever noticed how the more connected technologically we become as a society, the more disconnected from each other we tend to be on the more fundamental levels. This becomes rather obvious when observing the sphere of love and relationships. Which tend to be more unstable and less robust in modern read more…

The Chariot Of The Sun

By Psychic Patrick: Ever wondered why or how it is that life seems to work in endless cycles? Conforming to some hidden pattern that regulates and coordinates affairs. “When it rains, it pours” are words often said to acknowledge these trends of fate observed, though when one considers it, it is really quite simple.  It read more…

The Holographic Model

By Psychic Patrick: Life seems illusive, form seems so solid- even though it consists of something like 99.9% vacuum. Thoughts even seem an abstracted form of reality, with life seemingly transient though existence seems perpetual, as if that’s not enough, the whole thing rests upon preconceived concepts manufactured at some point early in life, where read more…

Love’s Infinite Form

“Reality could be considered as a symphony of harmonies,
 a complex song of acoustic resonance
 -of vibrations moving through the stream of awareness- 
bound in consciousness,
 yet reflecting thought
 in terms made tangible, 
through the vehicle of imagination 
and her many tools of cognitive manifestation-
 basically; one big dream, 
the heart of which, summed in read more…

The work of a Shaman 

Hello my name is Psychic Patrick and I would like to tell you about shamanism: A shaman is a healer and spirit reader that moves into an altered state of consciousness to access the hidden reality of the spirit world, with the purpose of bringing back healing power and information that can serve as guidance. read more…