Love, Technology And Why We Don’t Really Talk Anymore

By Psychic Patrick: Have you ever noticed how the more connected technologically we become as a society, the more disconnected from each other we tend to be on the more fundamental levels. This becomes rather obvious when observing the sphere of love and relationships. Which tend to be more unstable and less robust in modern times.

It’s as if technology has made it all too easy for the sense of complacency to creep in and overwhelm common sense with a mindless monotony of subvocalized thought and communication being streamed and expressed primarily as text. That would be ‘akin to living in an odorless, colorless world of textureless form and stark contrast, yet we continue in this way, unawares and unprepared for the consequential breakdown of communication that results from a two dimensional hollow form of communication that leaves too much to the imagination. The result often tends to be two people suffering opposing ends of a dynamic delusion shared in contrast to the reality present.


It is generally considered, in relevant peer-review circles of modern psychology, that 60 to 70 percent of all communications between humans is actually non-verbal. That emotional intelligence renders the voice of the speaker, exposing passions and changes of emotion as the thoughts are conveyed and, the body language is another huge part of communication and then of course, pheromones and other such information carriers all in tow. The point is that humans tend to anthropomorphize their idiosyncrasies readily and text, becomes a willing screen upon which to project ones unresolved emotions.

Over the years of observing tens of thousands of clients since social networking and texting became the norm, love issues started to express this pattern consistently, with so many relationships ending as result of communication break-down, exasperated by the fact that emotional content, which is rather complex and filled with nuance, became largely expressed as text based conversation, which is rather two dimensional and hollow, to the act of conveying the real information that could have save many of these relationships.

It is for this reason that I tend to advise clients to communicate via phone or even video call, it’s a great way to really connect and, a mere two minutes of video call will enflame a lover’s heart far more than hours of bumbling texts ever could, for the visceral sense of presence bound in voice and form reaches directly into the human heart, activating the deeper emotional currents of intelligence and allowing empathy and compassion to find a place in conversation and, not as a projection of ones need to be a good person but, in response to the emotional queue’s communicated directly via sublime currents of communication.

It is understood to be a difficult habit to curb for many, as texting has become the brass standard for communicating, which is considered is totally unnecessary in the 5G world we now share, where video stream could be carried free via broadband and fast High Definition quality stream rates, leaving no reason to rely upon a primitive mode of sharing information, where so much now is available and even in relative terms, for free. So next time you have an emotional matter needing to be shared, consider voice notes or video messages or actual calls or even face time and, surely there shall be a better long term resolution available to achieving greater harmony, for while texting may be great for logistics, planning, coordinating and relaying info and such; it is a poor substitute for a real heart to heart.

So much love and peace!


Keep it real and use your voice.

Love and Light,

Psychic Patrick

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