The work of a Shaman 

Hello my name is Psychic Patrick and I would like to tell you about shamanism: A shaman is a healer and spirit reader that moves into an altered state of consciousness to access the hidden reality of the spirit world, with the purpose of bringing back healing power and information that can serve as guidance.

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The term widely refers to those who are medicine-men or women that act as healers, seers, augurers or mystics born with gifts of the spirit that dedicate themselves to helping others find guidance and healing.Shamans believe that all problems, be it physical, emotional or mental,  are a result  of a spiritual imbalance and thus work with the guides & ancestors to restoring balance through transmutation of the psychic influences that brought rise to the dis-harmonies to begin with.

Many methods are used in shamanic works : 

Psychic Spiritual Guidance – using psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience to inform and advise clients that are confused or, unsure of what they should be doing in life. Many even often use tools such as crystal balls, medicine wheels or even, bones, runes, tarot or some alternative system for determining the omens on the physical plane too.

Mediumship –assisting with those that have or are presently crossing over to the world of spirit. The shaman is able to enter into a trance channelling state of awareness, where they can directly interact with the world of spirit for the purpose of guidance and/or healing.

Past Lives – shaman can often read ones past lives and gain important insights that can assist the client with fulfilling the soul-purpose of this life. Such readings can be quite enlightening and bring great personal realization too.

Soul Retrieval (or remembering) –  is the removal of unwanted energies & patterns that persist; where one works closely with the ancestors to heal familial bonds, assisting the client to regain personal power that had been lost at some point in their pasts,  or  even from a past life.shaman1

Negative Energy Removal – to assist in removing the negative effects of the harmful energy from those with ill intent or, even ancient maladies that may be of ancestral origin. Sadly there are those that dabble in the in the occult and a true shaman never puts spells on another, though gladly assists any that suffer. At times people inadvertently use their innate psychic ability to wound others and a shaman would be able to detect such and know how to negate such effects, that the client once again experience peace of mind and not be restricted in any way.

Energy Healing- usually through entering into trance and being able see the energy body (aura) and having the ability to directly effect this vibrational reality to inspire healing, clear away negative energies, revitalize the system and lift the spirits. Such treatments are rather good for physical, emotional and physical health, with mental balance and harmony being promoted and restored. Often crystals/gems, medicine wheels, herbs or blessed items are used to enhance such healing activation’s of the soul body and, the clients normally feel the energy moving through their bodies & awareness too, with often powerful & life changing results.

Ancestral Activations – which involves reactivating dormant ancestral memories that greatly accelerates the spiritual evolution and development of an individual. This is a highly advanced work that is rather akin to what is known as “initiation”, where the client’s spiritual awakening gets a profound boost. The true shaman can sense when this is appropriate and knows how much to activate at any given time that harmony and balance prevail.

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Being a shaman is an occupation – almost like any other, though in truth one of the oldest to date  – that requires ample training and experience gained through strenuous practice and initiations that empower the practitioner to be able to chart the proverbial ocean of consciousness and, realize transmutational principles that move toward wholeness and health, guided by ancestral guides and using the ancient wisdom that wise seers of old times knew so well.

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One thought on “The work of a Shaman 

  1. Shamanic Warrior

    The oldest profession in the world and yet it seems that so few people understand the nature of the work. Its like humans like to hide from the pagan roots of all spirituality, knowledge and healing.
    Long live the shaman of this world and may they be celebrated!


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