The Chariot Of The Sun

By Psychic Patrick: Ever wondered why or how it is that life seems to work in endless cycles? Conforming to some hidden pattern that regulates and coordinates affairs. “When it rains, it pours” are words often said to acknowledge these trends of fate observed, though when one considers it, it is really quite simple. 


It comes down to that Golden Chariot of Ra being drawn across the firmament, bringing the light of day and radiation of life’s sweet current that electrifies our universe. The sun, through its consistent cycling patterns of frequency modulation- a very important function that keeps plants in the correct growth cycles for a given season by regulating their hormones and, even does so for humans through regulation of melatonin for a start, the all important sleep-hormone that is directly affected by exposure to light. This works with oxytocin, serotonin , sex hormones and many of the important neurol agents that regulate our hormonal systems as a whole. 

These hormones within us, that are thus directly regulated by the sun through sleep cycles & frequency modulation, are directly experienced abstractly as emotions, which influence the actual state of consciousness directly affecting the very nature of experiences we collectively share. Sometimes when the sun emits powerful magnetic fields, with low sunspot activity and reduced light intensity and spectrum, I have noticed that the deep pensive emotions arise and there is a challenge as one’s electrical brain has to readjust to the varying electrical and magnetic intensities. During these times, many people seem to have awakening glimpses into their own realities. The way the brain works is rather specific and minor changes have huge effects on the total experience and, suddenly solar/ lunar eclipses and other great astronomical events can be viewed as having substantial effects on our minds and physiology through the way they affect our sun. This is something shaman has known since the dawn of time and ties in to the reading of Omens directly. Western “civilized thinkers” scoffed at this as mere superstition, which is why this information seems new. 

This is why, there are some days we just can’t seem to get anything done, as if everyone in the world is sleepwalking, technology itself on the brink. Days when… the lady at the shop has rung-up your juice twice, with the till having frozen and a supervisor been called for, who seems to look lost for some reason when they arrive. Time moves slowly, with her confused pressing the same button again and again. Upon leaving the store, the petrol attendant has a problem with the pump and then accidentally overfills the tank with fuel spilling on the floor. You get home to find your internet is down, call the provider and, they can’t seem to find your account details as their systems are down. Looking through the window, you see the dog has dug up the beautiful lawn you lay’d last month and it looks rather mannish- poor thing, while the doorbell rings. The wrong package was just delivered to your home by an online shopping company and, you are watching the news that informs you that there are tens of thousands of protesters blocking the streets on a rally… and it’s all happening now… You decide to order a pizza, it takes 15 minutes and eight repetitions of desired ingredient add-ons, for the call operator to actually get it right and place the order and, when it arrives, it’s cold, it’s the wrong order, with some guy 6 km away sitting with your vegetarian pizza… 

These hilarious days happen to everyone at some point and the point is, its not just happening to you. People everywhere are feeling out of sorts at that time- just like you and making little mistakes as a result, with all those little mistakes that all compounds creating consequences, some made by IT programmers, which causes the technology glitches that produces even more chaos on those already challenging days. The stock markets are even affected. Those that are wise will study solar patterns and stock selling patterns and see the correlation. 

So next time you lay languishing in the oxytocin rush of the glorious sunshine touching skin or, watching a thunderstorm throwing the suns electrical energy around, consider that the way you feel, the thinking patterns that this enables -which we like to define as ourselves, are essentially hormonal patterns being directed by the sun’s harmonic presence and that all manner of life are subject to these gentle directing hands that guide our lives. It’s also humbling to note that plants use solar energy to create sugars, which are used to power plants metabolism so that it can filter the atmosphere and extract CO2, retain the carbon to build on using minerals obtained from soil as result of sugars burned, which came from the sun. Animals absorb these same sugars from plants and build more complex proteins with them, with other animals obtaining the same sugars through fats and offal consumed. The bottom line is, all sugars essentially start at the sun and get reprocessed several times in various ways. 

Thus, one could consider all living cells to be operating as batteries, holding the sun’s vital essence and being electrically powered in this way, that the bio-electrical functions be possible for metabolism. 

The sun also regulates natural breeding cycles, hence Easter (Estrogen) was in ancient times a time for seeking mates and unions, that the breeding cycles be in alignment with the solar cycles for optimal fetal d & child development. Humans, just as animals, do indeed have optimal breeding cycles, for the spring sun is gentle on babies’ skin that gets to be outside for optimal sensual development in a pleasant climate with flowers blooming and an abundance of fruits growing so that when the child’s teeth comes, food is in abundance as with nature’s rhythms, as with many animal breeding cycles. This matters in a place with withers at below -6C, like much of Europe, for example. 

Many of our old customs come from such old shamanic considerations, that always aim to put the situation in perspective with regards to environmental factors and nature. Nature is the great oscillator around us that consistently provides feedback regarding our surroundings and holding the possibility for insight into the spiritual realm too, for the universal law that binds all of these, is indeed held in check by the powers of the sun, that also essentially holds the planets in place. Hence, the ancients all adored and worshiped the sun as a symbol for all that regulates, maintains and generates life through its perpetual radiant motion and be a node for the the essential spirit that binds all things in a proverbial web of harmony. 

People also often ask me, when I speak of these things : “Patrick, what defines a Shaman?” 

I would say: “One who has had his Inner Solar Chariot activated and has walked between the realms and can do so to obtain extra dimensional insights and premonitions, along with the visions of energy systems, often called chakras or Sephiroth among other things.” The solar chariot”(character of the sun) conducts human spirit into flesh and as such its magnetic radiance is a highway one can travel along through the consciousness field. This is the true path of the shaman, the traversing of these inner landscapes that are actually extra dimensional in nature. Astral projection and etheric projections are two variant forms of travel that can each occur in one of three ways, leaving six essential modes of travel polarized into two characterized divisions of three possible routes. Hence, the Merkaba has been the symbol of such travel and is revealed through the sacred geometry, for it constitutes the proverbial “negative space” occupied by well known “Solomon Cube”( a metaphor for the vectors of space-time and is expressed through the flower of life mandala, for those that study sacred geometry), which interestingly unites the mysticism of both the Arabic and Hebrew speaking people in this sentiment as the perfect shape that holds space within it, with all mathematical forms being expressions of its mathematics. I have been close to the Imam and Khalifa whom I have had the privilege of sharing discourse and spiritual experiences with within these realms of what one might broadly term Occult Therapeutics. Obviously the Coptic, Greek, Celtic, Germanic and Vedic systems mirror and reflect the same cosmic truths as held within the Kabbalah and Qib-Loh, along with important mandala’s of knowledge and, a sense of consistency can be seen through the varying ancient civilizations that acknowledged the sun as the prime mover, as did our astronomers in later ages.”

1patrick2 Love and Light,

Psychic Patrick

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