Overcoming Obstacles

By Aleece: Hurricanes coming as I arrive in a new location, walking in extreme heat to get groceries when the bike has a flat tire, getting evicted in the midst of a pandemic: big, small, upheavals… What are you currently facing? What adversity are you bearing up under?

Life is full of challenges, and we learn what we can do when we have the courage to face them and overcome the obstacles when we didn’t think we could. I made a verb out of New York when I went to the big city with a baby, and had to lift the stroller up and down long flights of stairs at the Metro stations. I found strength, rather than complaining, from the people in New York. I felt and  took in the energy of those “can do” people. They live in tiny apartments, paying $$$ to do so, most not having a car, walking blocks in whatever the weather is. New Yorkers live without excuses, and do what needs to be done. Once I had been “New Yorked” I had a bigger sense of what I could do when I had to. I have the strength of that experience to help my coping skills needed now in Florida. I have overcome obstacles and I know you can also.


Obstacles are opportunities if we embrace the energy to face them.

This 2020 pandemic adds to whatever else your challenge is at the moment.  Florida’s Covid cases are the highest ever and there is the first ever double hurricane, yet school starts in a few days. Obstacles beyond our control with the added confusion of national election campaigns, closed borders, isolated people, with the cherry on top being Covid-19 infections still increasing. Yes, each of these are real heavy issues that could overwhelm us as they add to the weight of what we are carrying. It is okay to feel the feelings of it, rather than escape it. Recognizing what needs to be faced activates the amazing coping skills we need. Let’s acknowledge we are affected by our global environment as well as the immediate surrounds. Plus, the energy of the people around you. Are you able to be “New Yorked”  or do you feel numb, even overwhelmed? Right now we have not only our immediate environment, but a global awareness. What is the setting of your story? How do you avoid a downward spiral of sadness, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness? It is normal to feel overwhelmed when we are confronted by constant stress, but how do we overcome it?

The simple choice of choosing where you put your energy can turn the downward spin around. Be aware of an inner narrative that says, “I can’t bear this. This is too much. This is going to kill me. I can’t!” If you go that path, giving up, trying to escape, binging on Netflix, eating junk foods, or a version of that, and who hasn’t? Stop, reset, and start again. Empower yourself through the choices you make. TODAY choose to do the thing you avoided, and pay attention to what you have done that was good for you. Pat yourself on the back for that choice, celebrate you being the highest version of yourself, brave, noble, smart, healthy, doing the thing that makes you smile at yourself.

Living in the midst of confusing change, with heightened danger, is very stimulating to our senses, taking a toll on our body. It is important to be kind to yourself and know that strength comes after the workout when you let your body recover. So not only be patient with yourself, but parent yourself. Take care physically, eating colorful life giving food, drinking plenty of hydrating fluids, taking a walk, and going to bed earlier. Yes, boring, but what parenting looks like.

In that place of overwhelm I encourage you with the truth. Overwhelm can be overcome!

The downward spiral of overwhelm that drains your energy can be changed, like a hurricane can downgrade to a tropical storm. It is the temperature of the air, or the environment that the winds of change move through. You don’t get to choose the obstacle, but you do get to choose what spin you give it, and where you put your energy.

Choice is your super power, and you choose how you bring yourself to the obstacle; one baby step at a time, one thought of positive affirmation, one nod of your head to another, this little change creates an updraft to overcome gravity. You change the air of the circumstance. You downgrade the situation. You turn an obstacle into an opportunity, and overcome whatever is before you. Try this powerful phrase, “The obstacle is the way.”  Just for today, find the opportunity that was hiding in the obstacle with a fresh look from a new perspective. Taking care of yourself so you can face the obstacle will have you finding that you can do more than you thought you could do. I challenge you to take your obstacle and make a verb out of it.


Love and Light,


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