The Law Of Unintended Consequences

By Michael: Happiness cannot be attained by wanting to be happy – it must come as the unintended consequence of working for a goal greater than oneself. 

As we head into the new year, a year of new promise and new opportunities, we ought to take a short pause to reflect on our actions, or lack of actions from the previous year that will no doubt lead to The law of unintended consequences play out her role in your life this year. 


In this article, I would like to address the particular subject of the unintended consequence that prevents you from moving on from a broken relationship. 

There are naturally many dynamics that prevent you from wholly moving on from a relationship, and my intention in this review is to address the role (or unintended consequence) that social media has in preventing you from fully liberating yourself. 

Everything is energy, you and me are connected only by 6 degrees of separation, we are connected energetically to the trees and all of nature and even to the animal kingdom. We are connected to the planet as our resonant heart beat is within the same frequency of mother earth. We are nature, we are all one. 

Having said all this, the overwhelming majority of people seem to be deeply dependent on social media ( which also connects us) and the internet in general. The internet also is actually an extension of our consciousness, in other words an extension of our energy. And so this technology has added to our struggle to move on. 

A relationship is never really ended until the chord or bond (energy) that brought you both together is cut, some people can apply The law of intention and simply say “OK,, I’m done! I am out of here”. Others need to sever the cord in many other areas as there are many strings to this chord. 

So if you have recently broken up with someone and struggling to move on, then cut the cord on the social media string. Every time you take a peep to see what your ex is doing or saying on social media, you are keeping his or her energy with you. In this case, best delete them, cut the cord. Likewise with cell phones, remove them from your contact list because every-time you scroll through that list and their name pops up, you have at some level reconnected again and they are living rent free in your head. 

On a personal level and I find it very empowering and helps keep the energy around me of the type I want. I remove names from my contact lists who I no longer have association with and have not connected with for months, business or otherwise, there was no falling out but merely our time together was served. 

I also remove myself from groups and people who no longer resonate with me and find a new tribe that does resonate with me. It is only habit or worry about offending that we often remain in certain groups. But if these groups or “ex” no longer inspires you and only makes you feel yucky, then it is best to delete them. 

Of course, what I am suggesting here takes courage and many people are not quite ready for this huge step, so, happily there is a solution. 

You can keep a box and put all the contact details of people that no longer serve you in that box. In goes also social media links, pictures, photographs etc. Anything that’s not longer serves you or prevents you from moving on, in the box it must go! This box can be kept in safe keeping, hidden from the mind’s eye and only to be opened to put in a new detail. 

At some point you will have the courage to empty the box into the bin, it is then that you can say “I’ve moved on”. 

Please remember also that plant that was given to you sitting on your windowsill also carries his or her energy, science has proven the consciousness of plants and so you might want to consider replacing that plant. 

All this seems very extreme and what I am suggesting should be used only if you are truly struggling to move on, some folk after the rawness and anger of a break up has settled and normal emotions have been attained once again. They are able to move on and retain in this case the plant without bringing in the ex’s energy into your energy field and conscious thoughts. In this case, you have successfully applied The law of intention. 

Wishing you all a year of prosperity, self appreciation, self love and intention.


Love and Light,


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