How To Be Your Authentic Self

By Michael: They said “you’ve changed”, I said, “I know, thank you for noticing”. How you see yourself you become and as a consequence you will draw people to you exacting that very same frequency!

So the question is often asked, “Why do I keep attracting losers in my life?” or “Why do I always end up getting the bum wrap or dead end job?” Promises, promises but it always ends up disappointing and sometimes ugly.

Depending on how you see the situation can be seen as either good or bad. Perceiving the situation as bad would be for example to continually berate oneself, to be the victim of one’s own frequency that you are emitting. Therefore, yes, nothing will change, life will continue with endless disappointments.


However, should you perceive your pending situation as a good thing, (no matter how sad and disappointed it first feels) then, congratulations. It suggests that you are no longer prepared to be the victim or to continually retain the poor me mentality, you are ready for change. Therefore your frequency changes to be more aligned with who you are at the current time.

I say more aligned because there is still work to do. Years of disappointment that has accumulated and housed itself in your body must be released in a timely way, and with intention it does exactly this!

You see my friends, the universe will match whatever frequency you emit, she doesn’t care about your personal desires, only the frequency you emit and will find a perfect match for your current frequency.

But I hear you say, “Mike, I am ready, I am working on it. I don’t want this lack of mentality in my life anymore, yet nothing changes”.

There is a reason for this. Your heart and mind are pulling in two different directions. It is only when the mind is in agreement with the heart that the change will take place.

You must learn to think from the heart and not from the “monkey mind” who is a trickster. The monkey mind will want to keep things exactly as it is, even if it is no good for you. It will keep reminding you, “Though things are bad now, it can get a lot worse if we take a leap of faith, we can live with this, tomorrow’s another day”.

I have written about the monkey mind in a previous article so I wont say anymore here except that if you do think from the (monkey) mind and not the heart, then the mind being the strongest essence of who you are at the current time will be the prevailing frequency.

If you want love then you must be love, this means that you would need to forgive past lovers who chose to part company with you, not to exonerate any of their past bad behaviour but to free yourself from that anger or lack of way of thinking.

If you decide to part company with a lover, no matter the reason, even if it is because you did something wrong, forgive yourself, release the guilt. you cannot be in love with the frequency of guilt.

When you can do this, you are thinking from the heart because the heart tells us that this was a lesson in life, not a life sentence, and that “I am in the frequency worthy to give and receive unconditional love.”

When you think from the heart and emit love, you will not need another one of those life lessons or be in the frequency that requires another lesson, this is because your new frequency does not support that old way of thinking.

Science has shown that the mind will believe any thoughts you feed it whether or not it is a real event or pure imagination, it knows no difference. Should you retain the same thought for usually no more than 4 weeks, your monkey mind will then be in agreement with that thought and a new you is born.

It is not strictly true to say a new you, you were always there, you have just realized in the moment your true authentic self. In this frequency how can you fail to have a beautiful life.

So, if you want love, be love. You want joy, be joy. You want the perfect job? Be that person the job requires, the thinking, the dress code and so on. Be the person you want to be and this is how others will see you.

Why say yes when you want to say no! Once you get in the habit of saying no, then people around you may very well say “You’ve changed.”, you can reply, “I know, thank you for noticing”.

There is one caveat to all of this, your new frequency may not be able to support your old habits and friendships that may have to sit on the back burner and slowly fade into the distance. But new friends will come, new habits will develop to those that match your frequency.

Be the change you want to be – you may well surprise yourself!


Love and Light,


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