Synchronizing The Heart And Mind

By Michael: They say time heals, that’s not strictly true, you heal with intention, and that’s just a matter of time.

There are many reasons why the healing process can take many painful years to overcome. I have learned that over the years the healing process can begin only with a change of perception. 

So let’s look at a few of them. Probably the single most important factor in healing emotional wounds is forgiveness. It is important to  understand that forgiving someone does not exonerate the perpetrator, but frees you of the pain that is caused.  

It is a process, it does not happen overnight, the anger and the disappointment needs to come out of the body and will do so when truly in heart and mind you are ready to let go, or in other words heart and mind are synchronized with the self-love and the self-worth vibration that is within you. 


And this self-worth and self-appreciation has another big aspect to healing the emotional scars.  

When you love yourself more than you have anger or disappointment for the perpetrator, the actions of the perpetrator really do begin to feel irrelevant because you will learn or feel from the heart or simply know that their actions have everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.  

We often hear when a couple breaks up, “it’s nothing to do with  you, it’s me”. And that is exactly true. Other examples are outgrowing each other both spiritually and or emotionally. You  cannot be held responsible if you are growing exponentially.  

It can only be the responsibility of the person who is not growing in alignment with you. Your only other choice to remain in the relationship is to dumb down. 

And so we come to our old adversary “The monkey mind”. I say adversary but this is not strictly true either because under the right circumstance it can serve us. 

But the monkey mind keeps us in fight or flight mode, it drains us,  it takes away all the joy of the day as it becomes relentless in its pursuit to get things back the way they were. This I might say is regardless of whether it is good for you or not. 

Let’s take the example of a break up. After a short while the monkey mind will want to fill your whole existence with the feeling  that you once had. 

That empty feeling where there was once love, the monkey mind, if  you listen to it will try to give you that feeling back and it does so by memory. It will encourage you to get back in contact with your ex. It does not care if it is good or bad for you, it only wants to retain the stars quo. 

Those wonderful thoughts and good times that you had, the monkey mind will begin to replay all those thoughts and tell you, “Well, this time if we get back together it will be different”. This may be true, but the real answer is found in the heart, you must feel the answer in your heart and not from the monkey mind. 

But in order to listen to the heart, we must quieten or silence the monkey mind. We do this by not resisting it’s words but by listening to it and hearing what it has to say.  

Then, so, it is important in the process is to answer it and tell it  exactly how it is going to be from here on in. And if your choice is to move on, then every time “TMM” pops up, you give your same reply as to how it is going to be.  

We know from many years of research that in a very short period of time “TMM” will soon be in agreement with these new thoughts releasing you from that empty feeling that you had.

It is here that you will find in alignment with your new thoughts, new people, new circumstance, begins to take shape. 

And don’t be fooled by your comfort zone either, here “TMM” will  try to infiltrate and manipulate your emotions into making you believe that whilst there may be something better out there for you, work, career, relationship etc., it will impress upon you that here, what we have now is good, everything is fine, it works, it runs  smoothly, why take the risk. 

The problem with this is that for many good folk out there it can leave them unfulfilled. 

The answer to all these questions is intention. Once you get into this habit of living life with intention, with  gratitude, with self love and appreciation, you really will start to see your reality start to manifest into the physical world. 

Final thought: Never speak bad about yourself, it diminishes the warrior within!


Love and Light,


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