The Collective

By Michael: When the collective focuses attention on a single most benevolent outcome – then rest assured, it must happen!

It is true that we have the power within ourselves to change our lives, we do not have to leave life to chance. With thought and intention, we create our reality.


But what if your personal desires, for whatever reason at this present time is secondary? Perhaps your higher self is calling you to be part of change on a local or global scale. Is it possible to apply the law of certainty that I have spoken about often enough to make local or global changes? It is possible, but unless you are a highly evolved soul, then it would be unlikely. But the universe provides us always with a solution and that is the collective, or collective consciousness.

Science has proven that when large local groups get together and focus on a single benevolent outcome, then it will come. Many studies have proven this. This idea otherwise known as the Maharishi effect was first popularized by The Beatles visit to India, where the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi received them. He discovered that all you need is a minimum of one percent of the square root of any given population to create change. In Washington DC when 5000 trained meditators got together and focused on peace in the DC area, crime dropped by over 23%, serious crime dropped immediately upon the meditating group starting their meditation. The same applied to a crime ridden area of Liverpool.

But this collective does not just work for removing negative issues. What if your locale is enjoying a good quality of life, well The Rhode Island study showed that it improved quality of life even more. So what does this all mean? Let’s say you live in a street where you have a troublesome family and let’s say that that street has 3 thousand people living in it, and let’s say that the disruption is felt in the next two streets each with 3 thousand residences. This means the local population is 9 thousand people. For simplicity I will round this up to 10,000. The sq root of 10,000 is 100, 1% of the 100 is just 1 person. That would be the minimum requirement to bring normal order to the neighborhood.

If you were to have only 10 people focusing their attention on bringing peace to the neighborhood, the science has shown that it would take around 5 weeks to halt the noisy family. That is just 10 people for 5 minutes a day.
Understanding this, it will not come as a surprise to find the power of healing in the super churches in the USA. When you have 5 thousand people willing heart and soul for someone to throw down their crutches, then with that kind of desire it will happen and is witnessed in real time. Sadly though, as the energy field drops the unfortunate soul becomes disheartened and returns to the familiar pattern of living with the crutches.

Of course, I have simplified all these situations, but the evidence is clear, science has proven it. If you want to be part of the change, then you must be part of or create your own collective.

If it is global resolution you are looking to be part of, then there are many well established groups doing this and they meditate all at the same time wherever you are in the world, so for some people it would be morning and for others evening. The point being that the prayer or meditation is done simultaneously around the world. The side benefit of being part of these groups is that you get to benefit from it also, you will find that things start to go right for you.


It is a beautiful world, if you know the rules of the game.

Love and Light,


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