Letting It Go

By Farrah-H: As I have gotten older, I have realized something powerful through both my experiences and through coaching people all over the world. Through life we are collecting what I call attachments, they are also called conditioned beliefs connected to who we are as people. I see it everyday in the women I work with, as well as with men too, and it bothers me much of the time, because I have discovered something very simple yet powerful.


Many people grow older, and continue living life as they have done with the same mindset and way of doing, perhaps a little different and a little wiser, but they continue to hold these conditioned beliefs that they have collected throughout their lives. I realized that in order to truly discover who you are and know who you are in life you need to undo these attachments picking them away piece by piece. It is through these attachments we come to realize we are not. This was my story. Some time ago I came to an AHA moment, this moment changed my life. I realized that true living is about undoing all the conditioning, shedding the fake outer layers that you build up over the years till you finally rediscover the you who was there deep down all along, the true, beautiful, powerful, spiritual, intuitive, kind, caring, compassionate you. 

I want this for everyone on this planet, I want this for my family and I want this for you. For you the gorgeous person reading this article. It is my mission to spread these words to encourage you to live a life of shedding, to shed those fears you hold in your heart and body, to shed the pain you have suffered in your life, old memories or comments made by a person who brought you down, words you cannot forget, these things need to be shed and can be the person you try to be to please others. The ‘fake’ you this is not who you are so in order to discover and connect deeper to the real you, you need to realize that each time you think of something that does not serve you, you can let it go. This is an easy process that takes a little time getting used to, but once you get a hold of it, you can truly transform in every single area of life. 

As the famous old quote goes, “The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are, rather, it is about unbecoming who you are not.” These words I resonate with them 300%. Because this is what i truly believe. By unbecoming who you have been conditioned to be right from the day you were born, through childhood, teenage years and adulthood, you will slowly but surely shed away all that is not you, and once those layers and been removed you will finally feel, see, embrace and love the TRUE you that has been waiting there all along to be found. 

Please my dear friend reading this article, take these words to your heart, use them, read them over again and again if you have to and do not stop believing that the real you is waiting to be discovered. 

May you have a wonderful day ahead!


Love and Light, 


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