Will You Be Your Valentine?

By Farrah-H: I see so many women, who wait for their valentine, who spend life waiting for the right person to come along, to bring joy, to make them happy. But so often I see these women, and sometimes men spend years of precious time waiting for this one magical feeling, this thing which has many labels yet no true name to bring them immense joy. They search on the outside, looking for this exterior sense of acceptance and self-love. But it is in this search of which I have witnessed that I see tremendous pain at the end of the road and along the journey. 


The pain, both in their lives, and in my soul and heart. Because there is this real reality which I witness and often do see, that the modern woman of today’s world does not truly grasp and understand the power of looking within for self love, to fall in love with herself first and foremost. It is my wish that every woman is a woman of light, is a woman of spiritual self love and understanding, is a woman who is connected to her birthright as a lover, as a person who loves so deeply all around her but most importantly loves herself. 

This article, “Will you be my valentine?” has been written for you. For you at this moment right now, yes you. I have envisioned these words, this message because there is a group of special people in the world, who are awakening to their true self and these people are beginning to look outside of themselves, and it is by finding this article right here today and now that reiterates for me, your journey and for yourself. Because we do not stumble across these things for no reason. No reason at all. We stumble across these things because we were guided, we were energetically and spiritually drawn like a magnet of universal energy pulling us forth, this is you and this is how you got to this very page. Please do not take these words lightly. 

My friend, you who read this. I want you to know how loved you are. We have not met in person, but in spirit, in energy our paths have crossed and they cross right now in this moment, My energy of the past and your energy of the future and the now meeting on this page, meeting to bring you a message that you need to hear. You are beautiful, your soul is full of kindness, strength and abundant love. You are love this is what you are made of and nothing more, your experiences have created pain in the past, your heart still hurts and struggles to hear I know this, but I want you to know above all darling that you are loved by me. And you are loved by you, whether you recognize this love or not, I want you to know you are on a journey of self-love and discovery. 

After reading this article darling, this message you will begin to do something powerful. You will begin to shed, shed like a caterpillar sheds as she turns into who she truly is, a butterfly. You, my darling are going to do amazing things. Bit by bit over the coming months you will start to shed these beliefs which no longer serve you, you will begin to shed off the conditioned beliefs you have always believed to be you yet have been blocking the true you from shining your entire life. You will shed your past shame, you will shed your fears, you will shed the self hate you hold deep down, and as you stand there ‘naked’ you will look into the mirror and see this woman unclothed vulnerable, and you will for a moment not recognize her, she will be strong, beautiful and radiate love, this woman you see she is the real you, and do not turn from her do not be afraid, I urge you to embrace her for all she is, because all she is, is all you will ever be. 

She is the real you my darling. So I ask you again, Will you be Your Valentine? Will you be the one to take your hand and love yourself immensely. Will you choose yourself above all else and shed? Because in order to choose you, first you must let go of all that no longer serves you. And that, my darling that the transformation I know you have been seeking, it is in your hands today. Today, tomorrow and always choose you. You can love and find love and have love from another we all seek this and there is nothing wrong with this, but do not make the mistake of thinking that you will find this kind of love in someone else it starts with you darling, and always will. Do you know why? Because you are worthy, you are worth it and your love is so powerful. 

I Love YOU. 



Love and Light, 

Farrah H

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