Love Has No Boundaries

By Farrah-H: Today I want to speak to you, I want to speak to your soul. We often have an idea, a plan of where we want life to go. Where we want to be, and how life looks to us. Yet most of the time, that plan that ideal vision, it simply never works out that way. Because life. Life is unpredictable and the beauty of life is just that. Often times on life’s journey, the turns and twists we experience along the road can be beautiful but just as often they can be so hard, hurtful, painful and unbearable.


No matter what you experience, I want you to remember we all do, in our own unique way we all feel joy and we all feel pain. It is the pain in life which makes us appreciate the good times, the moments that bring joy to the heart. 

Anxiety, Stress, Fear and all emotions that bring us down can bring great pain they can bring heartache. These times of emotional stress can test us and will test us, as they will test our partners and those we love. It is in these moments we feel the greatest level of pain, of restless, lack of hope and we lose the belief of love. But I want to remind you of something powerful. Your soul, your spirit, your energy. Its true form is love, it is fed by love it, circulates love energy is a highly vibrational form of love, the strongest energy of all. And love even in the hard times,  has no boundaries. What I mean by this is simple, you will go through the greatest pain in life, but do not forget that Life and Love have no boundaries. We can love those who are going through grief, who are not happy, who do not give all the love we deserve, and we can love those who give us all and more. The point is, love has no boundaries. 

So it is important to understand that although love has no boundaries this is not to say you cannot set your own boundaries, as it is important to set boundaries for yourself and those around you. Many times I see women focus on love and in the process, they get treated so terribly, with little love and respect, and in many cases men too. These are the people who have such big hearts, yet forget the simple yet vital act of setting boundaries. Love is beautiful, it is powerful, and it is never ever easy we all always fall and hit the ground, experience tough times, but it is not so much the tough times that matter, but rather how we react to these times, do we allow the negative moments overcome us and control and rule our emotional realm? Or do we step back and learn from our mistakes? The latter is true. We must always step back and learn, because it is in the stepping back that we allow ourselves to grow. 

My advice to you is to love with all your heart, expect hard times, difficult times, painful times, but expect loving, happy incredible joyful times too, we will get them all it is all part of life. Love with all you have, love with no boundaries, but always set boundaries in our relationships and connections with those around us, because the truth is, not everyone has control over their emotional well-being, not the same way you do, not everyone can handle emotions the way you do. There are some perhaps even your partner who simply isn’t there yet, who is not spiritually connected enough to be able to step back from one energetic experience and take from it and learn and propel themselves into a better version of who they are- because after all that’s what life’s about growing. We simply never stop. And that, my friend is so beautiful when you really think about it. Unlimited growth, endless boundaries of love and all the incredible things life has to offer. 

I ask you to take three things away with you today as a message from this article. 

1) Love with no boundaries, 2) Never forget to set boundaries in all relationships and 3) Learn from every lesson that comes your way and better yourself every chance you get. 


Love and light to you always, 


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