How To Live Fear-Free

By Farrah-H: Every day of our lives, we seem to fall into small and big struggles that feel overwhelming and suffocating. These struggles can range from fear of meeting with someone, taking action on something that has long needed action, whether that’s a business, a relationship, or having a much needed conversation with a friend or family member. These struggles can sometimes feel as though we are constantly judging ourselves, criticizing the very things that make us unique and beautiful. These struggles, these feelings of overwhelm, come from a place of fear.


It is Fear that stopped our ancestors from being eaten or hurt by predators, we continue to carry this straight today, it’s wonderful in the sense it can keep us alive, but it can be very debilitating when it comes to everyday life and stopping you from living the life you dream of. 

Learning to live fear-free, not completely fear-free, but the kind of fear that stops you living in to your full potential, we want to keep that good fear that can show us when danger is about, that fear we love. It’s the other fear that we want to detox. Now let me tell you something in order to get rid of fear there is one very small yet powerful thing you must do. Bad fear cannot survive or breathe when a person is living in the now, within the moment, thinking and feeling in the moment. When we live each day, being present, being thankful and not letting our minds drift in to future fear based thinking then we are living fear free and those struggles and feelings of overwhelm will no longer be there. 

What does it look like living fear-free? It looks like waking up in the morning and loving who you see in the mirror, loving the beauty of the day, fearing no one, and nothing that is to come. It is graciously achieving all you need to without putting off tasks, it is living with appreciation and excitement for all that is to come. It is setting goals so high and not being afraid of achieving them or wondering if you are good enough, because you are, you know you are and the idea of knowing how powerful and beautiful you are bringing so much joy. You are spiritual and trust in the universe and in all that you put out that it comes back, this is what it truly means to live a life of no fear. 

How amazing does that sound? Every single day to feel absolute joy, this is what it means to live fear-based. There will be days you are doing so well and suddenly the fear will creep in, then all you need to do is ground yourself, look around, smell the air, feel the wind, feel the sun, smile at the thought of being alive of how fortunate you are and that fear will disappear as quick as ice melting in the sun. You truly can have it all and the only thing that holds you back is fear. I believe in you, give it a go my friend starts today and if you need guidance along the way I am with you always feel free to reach out to me. 


Love and Light,


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