Golden Silence In Solitude

By Debra: Breathing in the fresh scents of spring is said to reduce your stress levels enormously. It also boosts your immune system, longevity, vitality, clears up skin conditions, promotes healthy hearts and brings a song to your soul. Take at least 20 minutes daily to set yourself up for what I call “downloading” Here is a neat idea to download with that does not involve plugging in your headphones. Disconnect from the every day and find solitude. The benefits are humongous. Drop that phone and drop into the downward dog yoga pose instead.

debra2 The grand idea is to find a clear space, preferably by a stream, ocean, lake or ok your fish tank will work too. The soothing sound is what we aim to focus on. As you are going to be sitting comfortably for 20 minutes, please bring a soft pillow. The root chakra is red. So I would suggest a pillow in that color. Only use it for this purpose, make it a sacred space. Now we are going to close our eyes and imagine we are barefoot in a flowing garment walking in that water ever so slowly. We are going to create the vision of a beautiful space that no one knows about except you.

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth until you can feel your shoulders relax. Keep picturing yourself going deeper into that water, and feel your mind start to download. Erasing all of the day’s events. Let your mind wander, that is how it heals itself. This generally takes 10 minutes. Now hold your breath! As if you are about to go fully submerged in the water. You are floating, there is no sound, there is dim lighting from the surface of the water but nothing more. Now you are in solitude. Nothing and no outside source can harm you or hinder your healing. Picture yourself raising your arms in the water and gliding like a fish. The weight of the world dissolves and all you can sense is the way your breathing. Stay in this pose for a few minutes. Suspended in golden silence.

When you’re ready, gradually start back to the surface. Do not rush it.

You are going to feel light headed and out of sync with the real world when you return, please allow yourself a few minutes.
Once you start practicing this 3 times a week you will notice a grand difference on how you function at work, at home or in social situations. It is an ancient practice called meditation, yet we get so busy in our lives we forget to incorporate it in.


Relax, Release, Revive.

Love and Light,


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