Sizzling Summer Sensations

By Debra: It is starting to get steamy out there, the pavement is warping with the fried egg on it in 100 degree heat. Let me flip the egg and look at what we can do to enhance our lives through our health, aromatherapy and the power of thought. Now is the perfect time to take care of your most important asset. Your health. During these next few months, many of us diet, exercise more, refrain from toxic foods and look at life with a more sunny disposition.

debra2 Cleansing is critical right now. The minimum requirement for absorption of Vitamin D3 found in the sun’s rays is 10 minutes per day in order to face off depression, weak bones, skin/hair production and stress reduction. Along with the benefits of the sunshine, I like to include the use of aromatherapy products that are uplifting. My top flavors for the summer are peppermint oil. I use this one as a bug repellent, sore muscle reliever after hiking or surfing and it is great for combating headaches. Apply it, smell it and diffuse it in the air when possible.

Next one up is lemon balm. The ultimate summer scent. Both refreshes and uplifts your soul. Energizing you in every way imaginable. It benefits you in fighting insomnia, heals wounds and prevents anxiety. Grow it in your garden and it repels insects too.

My third must have is witch hazel, a natural skin astringent, acne control, wound healer and sunburn relief. The plants, twigs and roots are condensed and infused with water, making witch hazel water. Try putting some in a spray bottle and keeping it handy when you’re at the beach.

Fourth on the list is Basil, not only is it used in the sauce pan. It is even better than caffeine if you are seeking mental clarity. Simply crush it or steep it as a tea to release its nutrients. Basil is best grown outdoors climate permitting. It also does well as an indoor container planted near a window sill.

And finally, please cover up with a natural SPF to combat skin cancers and melanoma. These plants are highly regarded as the top natural sun blockers and you can make it in your kitchen. It consists of carrot oil, which is packed with antioxidants, Shea butter, raspberry oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, zinc oxide and sunflower oil. Mix together using a mortar and pestle. Keep the mixture in a cool location and apply several times throughout the day. It is not a water/sweat repellent solution so re apply after swimming.

If you find your burnt to a crisp the best after sun plants to use are aloe vera, lavender oil, cucumber, potato peelings and a spread of yogurt directly on your skin. Soothing and fast healing effects of these plants.

Now, as for your soul, let your thoughts wander, slip your toes into white sand, head out to rejuvenate your body, your mind and soul. Happy Summer Season!


Love and Light,


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