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By Debra: Oh for the love of money already! The fall brings about new avenues of creating abundance in your life. New jobs start up, that business idea you had all summer tinkering around in your brain is now wanting out of the brain box. The fall solstice with its crisp, clean air is the absolute best time of the year to bring your abundance corner up to speed.

debra2 Citrine is the stone of money and joy, it is best placed in the sunshine to recharge it. It is most useful in the furthest left-hand corner of your home in Feng Shui terms. Also put some in your wallet, on your desk at work or any other place that you wish to bring money in. I am putting one in my car because it is a money pit right now always needing new repairs.

Another money attraction stone is pyrite. It also goes by the name “Fool’s Gold”. It is an iron-based sulfide that can be found in small quantities in nugget form. Pyrite comes from the Greek word “fire”. It is highly regarded as the abundance attractor. Place it in your purse after charging it in the sun for 24 hours.

Also an important addition to your collection in a raw or polished form is the diamond. It is a bit more on the rare side though. It has been the symbol of wealth for centuries beyond it’s stunning beauty, it also blocks electromagnetic stress from the cell phone, computer and other devices. It is also rare in that it never needs charging. It is most effective as a set of earrings. Mentally, this gem brings about clarity and creativity. The impossible dream you have had reoccurring in your mind’s eye? Well with this crystal you can achieve anything. Limit’s are for those who seek normal outcomes, that’s not the entrepreneurs’ way. Go for that new business idea!

Now that we have clarification of the major stones, let’s move on to the stage set. Here is what you will need for your wealth spell done on every Monday to enhance its effectiveness.

Yellow sheet of paper to write your magical money goal on
3 yellow candles
A yellow altar cloth
3 yellow ribbons
1 piece of bread
White buffalo sage that you will light to open the portal of magic
One cauldron or burn pot

Start by lighting the 3 candles. Once the last candle is lit you should begin this chant. “Goddess of the earth, goddess of the earth, I plant this spell, to bring forth wealth.” Light the sage and circle your space 3 times, restating the chant. Next up is breaking of the bread into small chunks into the cauldron. Then tape down the 3 ribbons to the top of the cauldron. Using a pair of scissors you are going to cut each ribbon and repeat the chant. Now relax your mind and envision that very number you requested. Believe it is in your hands to spend on whatever your heart desires.

Allow the candles to burn down to cement the spell.

You’re on your way to manifesting your money. Remember to do this on each Monday and especially during this upcoming fall equinox.

Warm wishes for abundance to one and all.


Love and Light,


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