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By Debra: Crystals have such value in my daily work as a psychic. Each one that sits upon my altar is used depending on the question or circumstance that I have to figure out for a client or myself. Here are some of my top choices to work with.

Citrine is my number one to work with. Not only does it not need salt cleansing, but it is the stone of harmony, this stone carries the power of the sun. It is said to open your intuition as well as I like to call it “my money maker” because the moment I put it on my table at a psychic fair. It attracts wealth to me. I prefer the darker variety of Citrine as its power seems stronger. But you will “intuit” your own piece of Citrine.

debra2 The next must have in your collection is Smokey Quartz. One of the top stones to enhance your psychic ability. If you can find one in a sphere, even better because you will be using it as your crystal ball in readings. If you can find one with a rainbow in it, you hit payday. I say this because each time you examine the rainbow, it will show you a different image. Fascinating, isn’t it?

This stone is a very grounding stone and promotes deep concentration which is effective for meditation. The next stone I use daily is Labradorite. This is the best one to wear at the throat chakra as it helps deflect negative energy. It is the perfect stone for anyone who is a teacher, health care, social worker, psychologist or psychic. Instead of carrying around someone else’s problems it dissipates them before they can attack you. It is also called the stone of mystery with its bright blue flash when held in the sun. It has the ability to put you into mysterious dreams. Look for one that has definite flash when you hold it, which is how the power of this stone works.

A deep indigo colored stone called Iolite is highly regarded among psychics for its ability to enhance psychic ability, It is used in shamanic journey and helps you gain clear visions with your third eye. I love this stone when I am called upon to do a large group of readings. It stimulates and energizes me like a rechargeable battery. It also enhances your self esteem. Wonderful to keep in your tarot box, or at your throat chakra.

Blue Kyanite is a must have in your collection. This stone never needs cleansing as it does not hold negativity. It aids in dream work. So if you are clairvoyant such as myself, then this stone is perfect for you. It is most useful in encouraging you to speak your “truth”.

These are the must have crystals to help you connect. Set your altar daily in alignment with what is going on in your life, make sure your crystals are cleansed once a month if possible and watch the magic happen.


Blessings to all!

Love and Light,


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