Do What You Love

By Lauren: Picture this… You reach the end of your life… You are pondering over all the things you did… All the things you didn’t do… How do you feel? are you content? Are you happy with what you accomplished? Is there anything you would change??

Take a moment to tune into your truth… Your feelings… Your depth. Look inside yourself and ask, What do I want? Who am I? Am I expressing all of my deepest desires? What stops me? Most often people are blocked by their fears… their doubts… their anxieties about being the best. About coming forward in the energy of perfection. As humans, we want to create the best possible scenario, we want the best possible outcome. We don’t want to be faced with the feelings of not looking good or not making a good impact. We want to say I did that, with the greatest pride… We want people to admire us… to lead by example… we don’t want to make any mistakes because if we do, we will look foolish, we feel less than, we feel judged and ridiculed.


It is all about perspective… You are on this Earth for a reason… You are one with the Divine Light of the universe… created by source energy… So you are empowered by the support and protection of Mother Earth. So if you knew you were guided every step of the way, what would you do? If you can’t find it within you to take the step… Can you ask? Meditate and become clear about what you want. If you receive an intuitive feeling, an idea about something that makes you happy do you trust it? Do you think it is just your imagination? Dreaming… Fantasizing about what could be… Do you take notice?

We receive messages all the time. We ask for help and when it comes, we sometimes think of it as unrealistic and don’t allow something beautiful and natural to unfold. Yes, it is just human nature… The ego… The patterns of our past… Our conditioning from what we have experienced, that tells us something isn’t possible… Maybe we haven’t seen anyone do it before… So we question if it is possible. But what if you just gave it a go? What if you slowly, gradually gave energy to something you intuitively feel good about… What if you focused on those desires, as far fetched as they may seem? If something is going to unfold, it may as well be something that makes you feel good, right? If you are going to put your energy into something it may as well challenge you to reveal these talents and abilities that have been lying dormant for many years…

You are attracted to people, places and things for a reason… You energetically bring into your life, people who reflect your abilities. Like attracts like, but if you feel things are stagnant, I challenge you to get to know people you are intimidated by the people you admire… People who are living the dream and make it look so easy… Open yourself up to possibilities, look from another perspective and realize by getting out of your comfort zone you will not only face that fear of not being good enough, but you will see that it is easier than you thought… and it will lift your vibration to a whole new way of being because you allowed yourself to explore what else you have to offer.

If you have been following the same path, doing the same thing and getting the same results, I prompt you to make a small change… Go a different way one day… Talk to someone that you normally wouldn’t because you feel a nudge to do so, you never know what this will open up for you. Some information or insight that may reveal possibilities. Be honest with yourself… are you fulfilled? If you left the Earth today, would you be happy? Life is a blank canvas ready for your beautiful, unique artwork… Imagine the radiant energy you could spread by being yourself. By using your creativity to make others happy… Just a comment might make someone laugh… just that connection might make someone’s day… How can you impact this world with your beautiful gifts while attracting to yourself abundance and fulfillment like you never imagined? Why? because the universe responds to good vibes. When you are linked to your true, natural vibration you will attract all you need because you are in tune with your pure light. So not only are you making others happy, but you are fulfilling a purpose bigger than you can imagine.

So what are your talents? Do you admire art? Maybe you could get some paint and play… Do you love listening to music? Maybe you could learn to sing… Do you love to dance? Maybe you could go out and have fun releasing low vibe energy through movement or take up a dance class for fun. Why not? Remember, you are an example for those you love. If you aren’t doing what you love, how would you expect them to? Lead by example, Raise the vibration. And if there is always some reason why you can’t,  Is it more important than your ultimate purpose? Are you making excuses that could be blocking your forward movement? Money comes from doing what you love. If you take one step at a time to invest in your passion the universe will provide… Money is energy, if you believe you have it and are grateful it will come, there is no other way… It is all about a shift in perspective.

When we express our childlike talents we also return to a sense of innocence, of trusting, playing and exploring, so while you are doing all of these creative, playful activities you are also healing your inner child… Which in turn heals your self-love and relationships. Taking pressure off your loved ones to fulfill you because you will already have that sense of self-reliance, satisfaction and independence, making you more attractive and inspirational. Tap into your unlimited self, children are vulnerable, open and free… Reconnect with that pure essence. Maybe you had to grow up quickly with the responsibilities or pressures of your environment… This might be the missing link that sets you free.

So what stage are you at? Are you doing what you love? Do you constantly have thoughts about a passion you haven’t followed and does it keep showing up in your life? Are you restricted, living each day the same as the last and not exploring the beautiful, spontaneous energy and vibrations that this world has to offer? Only you can make the change… Start small, follow the signs… Ask your angels for guidance and they will show you the way to a happier, healthier, more abundant and fulfilled way of being.

And when you leave the Earth you will be smiling… About the fears you conquered and the doors you unlocked, that lead to the many amazing things that made your life complete. Because the fact is, when you put yourself out there and try something new, you get out of your comfort zone and take on the adventure of life… It is all a stepping stone. Even if you don’t get what you want out of that experience at that time, be grateful… look at what you have gained to propel the energy forward. It then rolls over into opportunities that help you advance further along your path, helping you evolve as a soul, tapping into an unlimited source of potential. And who knows, maybe one day you may try that thing that failed or didn’t work and things will align with more synchronicity than you ever imagined… Because it was all about Divine timing, and there were things you needed to do and learn along the way in order for it all to fall into place.

If you don’t try you will never know.


Love, Light and Blessings,


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