True Love-Creating Successful Relationships

By Lauren: Self love can be an interesting thing… We can think we feel it and know what it’s all about, but when we are confronted with a situation where we are not receiving love from the outside we question… Why don’t they love me? I know I am deserving, I know I am worthy, but why does this person not respond to my attempts to love them…

It is all about vibration… Energy doesn’t lie and when we connect with someone on a deep emotional level they can feel it. They receive the vibe we radiate and this is the telltale sign and the response from the universe as to where you lie when it comes to truly loving yourself.

For example, if we deep down feel unworthy of love and an opportunity to be 1lauren2 in a connection arises, do we feel doubt or fear? It’s likely we will project that into the relationship. The thoughts of wanting something that is out of reach. Putting them up on a pedestal and not allowing a balanced mutual connection. The feeling of having to control the outcome… The feeling of not wanting to be vulnerable, not trusting the process, questioning the other persons behaviours and intentions… Is all about denying the fact that there is something deep down that is saying you don’t deserve love. We can choose to hide these lower vibration energies and keep projecting outwards depending on others to bring us Love. But, that just ends in a fall sense of security and ultimately a breakdown in the stability of the connection… Pointing the finger at others when they don’t please you or step up when you want your needs met… and ultimately creating a co-dependent relationship that has a doubtful future of loss and heartbreak.

So what to do you ask? Look at what and who you are attracting… Acknowledge the beauty in this connection… The love, the warmth, the fulfillment it brings and please keep a focus on gratitude as it will lift the vibration of the connection. But also, look at how you are being triggered? What are my lessons in self love? What doesn’t this person do? Do they make you feel insecure? Ignored? Rejected? Abandoned?

If any of these applies to your connection, it means you have some deep inner healing to do. This person has come into your life so you can heal each other and bring up what has been laying dormant so you can forgive those energies, those life lessons and have more loving, fulfilling connections and relationships. Do not target this person for making you feel less… Yet look at where that comes from… Childhood? Did someone make you feel unworthy and you’ve held onto it? Do you feel insignificant? Do you have high standards that come from comparing to the relationships you experienced in your youth? Do you still carry the burdens of your past relationships where someone was reflecting how you felt about yourself? When you take the time to dig deep and discover what is really going on in your emotional self you will uncover a treasure trove and beauty that has always existed within you but you somehow didn’t realize was there.

Do you deserve love? Are you sure? Connect to the radiance of your inner being… You are divinely created and guided… You are here for a reason and life is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself… Look around you and you will have all the answers… Does this person make me feel unwanted? Why? It is not about them it is always about us and what we project. We choose what we allow in our energy… We vibrate and gravitate towards the things that help us grow and become more abundant, joyful and fulfilled… So next time you are attracted to someone ask what attracts me? And enjoy the benefits of what this has to offer… then ask how does this person disappoint me? Why do I feel rejected? Why do I feel ignored? Are you ignoring yourself? Did someone in your past ignore you? Do you sit comfortably in the knowing that love is your ultimate state and the one you desire, desires you… ‘I AM A MAGNET FOR LOVE AND ABUNDANCE’…Because the truth is, you are a magnet for everything that you think about yourself and your life… There is no getting away from this and yes, no one else is to blame… It is all about what you are willing to receive…

Give yourself some time to look within… Realize if you feel you have been dealt a challenging hand well its quite likely you are an old soul, which means yes, there are tough times, but for that there are also great rewards as the universe has a plan and all is unfolding as it should. Take on the challenge of knowing that you have been given something a little harder because you can handle it, but yes indeed the benefits when you uncover these hidden depths are awesome and worth it. Take it on as life teaching you to get to know yourself a little better, to acknowledge that you do have options and that’s by keeping your vibe high, your thoughts positive, knowing your focus, knowing you are worthy and deserving of all the love and abundance you can imagine that you will naturally receive… There is no other way… If you do not truly love yourself and feel ready to accept divine love how is someone else supposed to feel that from you… Energy is everything…

So get in touch with that deep part of yourself … This works whether you are in a relationship or not as it will help you develop a true sense of being and loving which in turn will deepen close bonds as there is no co-dependence… Yet, an independent sense of being whole and complete regardless of outside circumstances. Radiating that sense of security is the best and proven way of creating a loving unlimited connection, that blossoms and grows as you both get more in touch with your individual passions and inspirations. It ignites a sense of adventure and spontaneity, a sense of enjoying each other without needing attention, but being open to the flow of love when it comes your way. And yes, boundaries and standards are always important in order to guide this love in a direction where you both feel comfortable and in alignment with what you deserve and desire…

So food for thought… Be your own inspiration today… Walk around like you are whole and complete within yourself… Feel like you are loved and loving… Know the right connection that reflects your vibration will naturally come your way because you are open to receiving love and abundance… and when it does enjoy it for all its worth and when insecurities surface ask where does this come from because it is likely a lesson from the universe to remind you of your magnificence… It is an opportunity to feel the presence of your divine self… That you are one with everything, you are created from divine energy and therefore there is no other way but for you to have all your needs met and the love you desire. 1lauren2

Love Light, and Blessings,


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