The Magic Of Nature

By Lauren: Do you feel that essence, that present moment energy when you are in nature? That feeling of being at one with all, with the magic of Mother Earth. It is an essence so pure, so real, that ignites a sense of well-being and peace deep within. It is your connection to your origin… Your soul… Because as the universe was created, so were you… From this life force, this magical vibration of all that is.


Could this be the secret to obtaining that sense of empowerment Connecting you to that radiating energy that lies within you and all around you. That knowing and belonging that carries you, protects you, supports you… All vibrations intertwined… Source energy manifesting itself into life, nature and each individual. Such a blessing to know that by reconnecting to that source energy, that essence of oneness… That you are guided… Could nature be the key?

If we for a moment let go of all the outside influence and confusion… all the aspects of life that are tugging and pulling at your thoughts and emotions, and just center yourself into a deep stillness. Awaken your senses by going for a walk in the park, on the beach, even in your back yard to reconnect with the trees, the birds, the stars in the sky. Just feel and become at one with the peaceful, blissful, vibrations that mother earth is sending you. Just feel that peace flow through you, detach from the outside world and you will find things start to flow in unexpected ways. Trust in who you are and where you are going, signs from the universe will become clear and you will relax in a total feeling of surrender.

When you tap into this wisdom there is nothing like it, because things start to fall into place. You react less to people and dramas around you, your creative intuitive energy is inspired, you become more abundant because what is naturally yours has a chance to flow towards you without distractions or heavy energy. You rise above the problems you normally face in everyday reality and instead know you are here for a reason, you are loved, you are guided and you will be just fine.

Knowing that stress energy can cause blocks on your path is the first step to letting go. When you are trying to force something or want something so badly, you actually push it away or cause tension around it. This will keep you going around in circles for as long as you wish to be stuck. Learn from your actions… Try something new… and know that everything happens in Divine timing… make your wish and let go.

Nature has a way of making everything okay… Be at one with the Earth and follow the prompts. Surrender to the possibilities of all the magic you can acquire by trusting and letting go. Spend just 15 minutes in nature today… Sit and be still, feel the present energy. Keep pulling your thoughts back to the wave that is crashing, the sun rising, the leaves dancing in the wind, the stars shining, the insect flying by… Just tune in and peace will ripple through you. Once you get a feel of it you will want more. You will see how order becomes a natural gift, signs from your angels and guides appear more frequently, opportunities come out of nowhere, you feel happy and attract love wherever you go. Because the vibration of the universe, the essence of Mother Earth and the pure soul that you are… Align with the same thing… PEACE.

Which phase are you in? Where is your starting point? What can you do? Get clarity and clear the way to manifesting miracles today… How will you know? I tune into your voice to allow angelic wisdom and guidance to flow….


Blessings of Love and Light,


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