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Channels spirit bringing clarity for full potential.
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About Lauren

Tune into your divine guidance as I channel messages from your angels and guides giving you tools to manifest your full potential. Practical solutions to clear blocks along your path, gain clarity and ignite your intuitive abilities. After a reading with me, you’ll feel enlightened and satisfied. If you’re willing to play an active role in your reading and your life, you’ve found the right psychic. I specialize in past life readings, which are beneficial because they explain so much and bring so much clarity to the present.

A medium and a clairvoyant, I employ Tarot, runes or other modalities, depending on your specific wishes, and depending on what is appropriate for your reading. I am a compassionate, honest and straightforward reader who gets the information to you in the best format possible. A professional reader for over two decades, I share information that truly speaks to your soul. I have nothing but love in my heart and a genuine interest in everyone who seeks out her guidance.

I was given my first tarot deck by my aunt 25+ years ago and still use them. I love channeling for spirit and working with the amazing energy of light, as guides and angels connect me to those who require assistance. My passion is in raising the vibration on Mother Earth Awakening and assisting others in using their gifts and sharing the love. I also work as a channel for clearing dark energies and earthbound spirits, sending them to the light. This purpose came naturally and I have gained the ability over the years to clear them from my clients through Reiki. Connect with me to find your purpose, awaken to your truth, clear blocks along your path and align with divinity. As a Reiki Master, I love digging deep to remove limiting beliefs, conditioning, behaviors and old patterns, etc. that block us from living our full potential and get an absolute buzz from seeing people happy and living the dream.

I have traveled the world the last 5 years and feel so connected and in tune with humanity... It is a small world and we are all after the same thing... peace, love and happiness. I am here to empower you to move forward in your life path with a positive and productive motivation to reach your potential. I see your energy as symbols and metaphors and is excellent at identifying the core issues of relationships, and why or how they are stuck. I am passionate about making a difference in your life. I have had some of the same life issues as many of my callers. I truly feel what they are feeling. When they read with me, they get the benefit of someone who shares their experiences, coupled with the wisdom that comes with being older and having made it through.

My Experience: 

More than 20 years of experience
Seichim & Tibetan Reiki
Master Angel intuitive
Doreen Virtue Mind Body Spirit

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