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About Lauren

I am a Compassionate intuitive and clairvoyant. I provide guidance on love, relationship, career path, any family questions. I use tarot, oracle cards, crystals, astrology, and numerology. I have that rare gift of clear sight, and as an empath, I can feel what you feel, often with extraordinary detail and spiritual insight into those events in your life where you may need guidance. I can tell you what others really think and feel about you and can show you how to have the best and most uplifting relationships with them. I know that you are searching for the truth, so she’s always compassionate. Anyone can give you their opinion, but I will provide you the truth in a caring way.

I’ve been able to see what will happen next since I was a child. My psychic awareness has been passed down through generations. I have been a psychic since childhood, but I eventually learned to read the world around me and I could see future events. It takes constant mindfulness. A psychic reading should enlighten, confirm, clarify, solve and give the caller peace of mind. You’ll feel inspired when you call me, even if you get messages that are not completely positive.

We are here to live our truth. I will help guide you there. I have helped clients move away from any energy or area that is no longer serving them. For me, psychic readings are all about gaining the information her callers never had before. They’re also about getting confirmation and inspiration too.

Not able to communicate clearly? I will help to restore and balance any chakra blockage. Any soulmate or twin flame questions I can look into for you. Any patterns I will guide you on what may need to be healed or released. Is he/she the one? Why does this keep happening? I can look into what the energies are. My desire is to bring answers, give peace to the hopeless heart, and share courage for growth of spirit. Let’s learn to focus on the positive and get in touch with ourselves.

We are all part of source and deserve love, compassion, and understanding in any situation. I am here to help. You’ll feel better when your reading is over. That’s because I’ll give you compassion and inspiration while also giving you the answers you deserve. My readings always contain positive messages no matter what challenges you’re calling me with. I hope to give you a better understanding and outlook for your future to give you faith for tomorrow.

My Experience:

An experienced Intuit
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