10 Steps To Happiness

By Mel: Happiness is an internal effort, not an external exertion. All around the world, I can hear the echo of many souls, “when will I find happiness”, “when am I going to be happy. It is important to have a strong belief system, not only in yourself, but the very spirit that embodies you. Ahead in my meditation guide, I will show you how to manifest your higher self and utilize the rich energy of the soul to tap into the power of being happy within.  


Relax and put the white light of protection around you, repeat the meditation 5 times, each time focusing and visualizing its purpose in your life.  Each meditation concentrates on the positive and the cleanse which releases the past and negative energy. You can adjust the meditations to suit your needs on any day.  Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect. The beauty of the guide is you just take what you need.

  1. I always Appreciate – Think of all that you have, and learn to appreciate all the good things, people and fortunate circumstances of your life.  This meditation will help to attract more positive things, cleansing self pity.  
  2. I will Celebrate – Take time in the day to do specifically what you want to do for yourself.  This meditation will keep your spiritual vibrations high and stabilize your chakras, cleansing procrastination. 
  3. I am humble – Don’t compare yourself to others, accept what you have got and enhance and elevate your life by working on your goals. This meditation, help you be at peace with who you are, and cleanse the ego.  
  4. I take Responsibility – It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, it’s not anyone else’s duty to do that.  This meditation will help you to avoid blaming others, and cleanse the past.
  5. I am in Control –Control your life and make better choices, don’t settle for less.   This meditation accompanied by physical exercise will increase inner strength, cleansing fears and vulnerability.   
  6. I live in the now –Leave the past where it is. This meditation will help you live in the now, the cleanse is to help you fix the things you can in your life. 
  7. Abundance is all around – There is so much resource in the world, This meditation will open your eyes to new opportunities and ideas, the cleanse will open your eyes to see them. 
  8. I am realistic  – Live in the real worldThis meditation keeps you grounded, the cleanse will keep your unrealistic expectations in check.  
  9. I make my Choices–It’s your choice if you want to be happy.  This meditation will help your self-autonomy, and not let others define who you really are, the cleanse is to trust your own instincts more.  
  10. I Believe in me – Anything is possible in the universe.  This meditation will help you connect with your higher self, she is the warrior who will fight for your future happiness.  This cleansing will show you hidden powers within.    

Everyone has their own idea of what happiness is. But the fact is, happiness is for free, it doesn’t cost a thing, I’ve never heard of anyone paying for it. Being happy is as natural as the skin on your body, the hair on your head. Nobody can stop you from feeling it if you choose to do so.  


Love and Light,


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