Archangel Michael – The Strongest Hero Of All Eternity

By Mel: In ancient religious teachings, and interpretations today, Michael is the Archangel who is said to be Gods highest captain and has the power to use his strength against all negative and dark forces. Head of the battalion of angels in the entire heavens, and the almighty’s right-hand man, albeit “The prince of heaven”.

He is taller than most humans, and majestic in appearance, his energy possesses the ultimate wisdom from all battles fought and won. The sword and shield he carries is said to be for the protection and defense to all who call upon him.  Michael is the epitome of the eternal hero to all, and he will always be the best angel assist you in helping you to win the “good fight” in your life. 


Whether you are deeply religious, or not, Michael’s symbolism is breathtakingly inspirational, and communicating with him help you bring out your own inner warrior. It’s an absolute joy to know that having all the angels on your side is a major blessing, but calling on Michael, is like calling on all the superheroes that have ever existed.  Yes, he is that powerful, and we should be in awe of him and his absolute and resolute loyalty in helping his people. 

In today’s world, most people look to Michael for strength in their most difficult and darkest journeys in life, and Michael will always firmly encourage you to do your personal best, but only when you can. Once you ask for Michael’s help, he will consistently send you Strength and wisdom, and signs to help you towards a better path and light. He will always be there for you, whether you ask him or not.

Steps to communicating with Michael and asking for his guidance, wisdom and strength. I suggest you find a peaceful and quiet place to do this.

  1. Feel at peace when reaching out to Michael – He is highly intuitive and knows how to send strength to you as an earthly being.
  2. Cleanse your mind of negative energy – Michael needs you to act with positive intent
  3. Communicate to him what struggles you have – Michael will understand and lighten your heart and soul
  4. Open your mind to let him guide you – Michael will send you the most powerful and helpful signs at any time
  5. Allow your spirit to absorb the strength he sends you – Michael will embody your soul with renewed strength and spiritual wisdom
  6. Be patient – Michael knows you are and earthly being, and must adapt to change
  7. Give thanks – Michael only requires acknowledgement of your belief and respect
  8. Go about your normal life – Michael is by your side and will be your sword and shield
  9. Do not be afraid – Michael will teach you to quell your anxieties
  10. Have faith – Believing in Michael helps you to believe in your own strength and powers as well.

Remember Archangel Michael is a soldier of soldiers, a force among forces, but he also highly intuitive and knows what you need. Michael wants you to overcome your challenges in life, so he willingly offers to teach you strategies to fight and defend yourself. As earthly beings he knows that we all have internal and external battles. Michael is wise, patient and understanding, and has no harsh expectations, you just do what you can with what you have. If you need to rest your mind or body from the fight, it is expected that you will. Above all his will is to empower you with the confidence to bring out the best of your courage and wisdom you need for your journey in life.


Love and Light,


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