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Love and relationship expert with deep insights.
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About Mel

Firstly before a reading I always put a protective energy around you and always provide highest regard for you as a person. My readings are done with unconditional understanding and empathy for you as a human being.  While conducting a reading senses focuses immediately upon your energy and I am able to tap into the heart and soul of your current situation.

With over 20 years of experience I am able to tune in and give accurate and honest answers to all of your questions. As a intuitor I connect from soul to soul to soul to give the most concise answers. My readings are positive, energised, and concentrated on showing you in-depth information so I can help you move on your path. My guidance you will find it easier to make better choices and decisions for your life. No matter what it is you seek, my goal is to help you find it. No question is too small or too hard because I have the higher ability to comprehend the entire framework and complexities of each circumstance surrounding your situation.

I am a messenger of truth and I am always guided by the purest of spirit. My core purpose is to help you achieve as sense of your own spiritual freedom, whether it be a relationship, career issue, finance, or lifepath. You can always turn to me for the right answers every time. You will always finish the reading feeling rebalanced and with all of the weight lifted from your shoulders. But keep in mind I cannot decide for you, I can only guide you. 

My own personal life experiences have helped me appreciate the gift of life and to never take it for granted, life should be celebrated and all wisdom should be shared to help all entities in the world and universe.  Where would the world be without empathy?  I am an empath, intuitor and helper, and this is my life path.  At the age of 3 and 6 years old I encountered two different life and death experiences in which on both occasions I saw my life pass before my eyes.  And it literally does, like a film reel, you see not one, two or three scenes but an endless stream of faces, people, sounds and memories that you never thought you could manifest in one moment.  Once you receive the ability of second sight is it indelible, you cannot remove it.  It transforms you to another spiritual level.
From that point onwards I was able to tap into my ability at will. At the same time I was a touch unsure of this unknown energy and on some occasions blocked it, but eventually I became overwhelmed with sense of enthusiasm and excitement that my skills developed at an alarming rate.  To be able to see, feel, smell and touch things with a heightened sense of awareness left me with an exhilarating hunger that I learnt to open up to the universe and bonded with everything in it.

I learnt to develop my skills at an alarming rate far above my peers and the people around me. As my psychic abilities grew so did the need to reach out and help others. I knew that I had to share the knowledge that the universe had bestowed upon me.  Nearing adulthood I realised my true path, and I really came to understand how lucky I was to have this gift and it taught me to appreciate everything I had in my life. I know that my gift was given to me to nourish the world with wisdom and caring.

Remarkably now, all I have to do is deeply focus on a particular person, subject, object and energy, and the right answers come to me very clear and concise way. It's so easy to help myself and find all the answers I want. I enjoy the challenge of using my talent to help others. I know I have found my true calling and purpose in life. I am also an astral traveller and this has led to an amazing heightened closeness to spirit and awareness of self and others. I also have many levels of past life experiences which bring great knowledge into my readings. I have been given an endless abundance of psychic ability, wisdom and foresight, so I use these gifts to help others not only because it is always a pleasure to do so, but because I thoroughly and absolutely believe in it.

My experience is:

Over 20 years experience as a psychic intuitor/reader Past and present life experience Studies in counselling and psychology Studies in philosophy Studies in cultural diversity Ongoing spiritual and personal development.
Spiritual counselling and coaching.
Life path readings.
Love and Relationships.
Life path.

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