Why Your New Year Can Be Special

By Carmel: The end of the year is a hectic and to some a stress filled time, full of last minute activities and urgent things to do. Many of us forget to enjoy the good parts of this time of the year, the parts that need quiet reflection and even some valuable meditation.

The end of the year period which also includes the Winter or Summer Solstice, Christmas and New Year was always traditionally a very important period of the year for many cultures and even in pre-Christian times as well, people celebrated the end of the yearly cycle with festivals and lights as well as the burning of the Yuletide Fires. Many symbols we have from mistletoe to holly to decorating trees and the giving of presents reflects the importance of rebirth, regeneration and importantly, hope and joy for the future as well as protection and purification for all of us.

After a year like 2020, we all need the beauty and joy that this time of the year can bring us, but can we allow ourselves to experience that?


As we connect with loved ones, get ready to share presents or time or our thoughts of goodwill, whatever is appropriate, we need to slow down long enough to get some time to connect with the creative and reflective sides to ourselves and to allow insights to come through to us to help us to understand how best to progress ahead to a brand new year where we can realise some of our hopes and dreams. I understand that for a number of you, 2020 has been a time of loss, whether it be giving up time you spend with those you cherish most, time lost from people you like to work with, not being able to do the activities you love most or having to sacrifice cherished dreams on all levels, physical, emotional or aspirational. A proportion of you may have lost a loved one due to illness or other reasons beyond your control, or broke up with a person you really cared for due in part to the stresses the year entailed.

No one can take back 2020, it was a year when most of us really learnt what sacrifice meant if we did not know it before, but we can determine and determine right now that we will make next year as positive as we can do and visualize and work together to help each other create this, as this is the only way to meet the future with confidence.

We do need to remind each other that we are spiritual beings who deserve to have wonderful experiences and in every way have faith that we will have in every way, known to us now or for us to understand. There is so much negativity in the world that it is so important that at this time of year, at the very end of one year and the very beginning of another, we use the transitional period to decide to create in our minds the potential of a better New Year.

Many times, I do readings for clients right on the New Year or Christmas period and am always asked if their future for the year can be better. My answer is always the same, Yes it can! Many of us have no ideas how strong our mind or thoughts are. When we surround our energy with negatively focused people, or when we ourselves continually dwell on what is wrong rather than what is right, we lose the power to manifest our goals and bring our dreams and cherished hopes to fruition where keeping a positive and open viewpoint and attitude to life does the very reverse, it allows us to bring in the better destiny we all want and need!

Many times, I have seen clients who did not have faith or trust in their future decide to really change their attitude to life and see it in a completely more positive way who ended up being amazed at how much healing they experienced and how much new opportunity on all levels came their way.

The end of the year is a time to celebrate what is good and worthwhile in our lives and reflect on the people we love the ones we have with us and the ones who have passed to the light ahead of us. It is a time of giving from the heart, not trying to prove you can buy the most expensive presents or impress people whose views really do not matter to you. It is meant to be a time of compassion and caring, but we can make that happen any time of the year, if we are in touch with that most sacred part of us, our hearts. If you have a lot of emotions you are experiencing let them wash over you but do not give into them, you have a lot to look forward to but only you can make it happen.

Make some time for yourself over this period to nurture your wellbeing on a physical and spiritual level, and think of getting in touch with anyone or everyone who is important to you, whether you regularly reach out to each other during the year or not. Why not make the first step to initiate contact if you have had a break? Celebrate the goodness of those who have loved you in any way and put a special decoration for each one of them in your Christmas tree with their name on it or visualize the same in your mind. Get yourself a new journal for the New Year and write down your aspirations and make an effort to find looking back who were the really special people who you came across whether it was a kindly delivery person or a great health professional or just a very caring and regular friend. Thank your Angels for getting you to the end of this year in a safe way and lighting your path for you to be here. Know you are a special and unique being with a spirit, heart or soul that no one but you has! Celebrate the journey you have come through to come to this time of year again.

As you wind down from the busy and in many cases stressful year you have now passed by, relax and dream a little, it is healthy for you and good for your well-being.

Try to avoid over -indulging in foods or drinks that weigh you down and stick to a lighter healthier diet and some fresh water or vegetable juices or at least vary the rich end of season fare and avoid vexatious or argumentative people, you need your peace.

Make your New Year’s resolutions with humor and a new perspective, you can change your destiny and you can have a great year ahead, believe in it, and you will be amazed how much your attitude helps you to create more of the life you really want.

If you would like to discuss a reading ahead for the New Year with me or ask me about what is ahead for you in your destiny, or ask me about any other area of your life, please feel free to contact me for chat or a call here on LifeReader.

Have a peaceful, loving and Happy New Year! Speak with you soon.


Love and Light,


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