The Value Of Truth

By Gail: One of the greatest challenges we face is recognizing our own value and living our own truth. Until we realise our own unique quality we cannot live in truth. Anything less than appreciating our own worth is not our destiny. When you don’t recognize how valuable you are, and what is valuable to you, then you will flounder in confusion. Confusion is actually a good state to start in – it shows that you are searching for clarity and you realise there is more to life than you are currently experiencing. Confusion can lead to truth if you are willing to look deeply at your self and your surroundings.

In order to live a life that is fulfilling you need to be open and honest about what is really important to you. What do you value in life? There are no right or wrong answers, no one else can judge what is important to you. Until you know what it is that you value your direction will be unclear. Until you realise how valuable you are, any endeavor to advance in your life will be hampered. You have to believe in what you have to offer the world, and what the world has to offer you.


Your value can not be dependent on things that are external to you, because these things can change. People change, attitudes change, jobs and fashions and trends come and go. And when they do you can feel de-valued. When you want to know what someone else is doing or feeling, remember that what offers you the most value is not how they feel, it is how you feel. You cannot control any other person, no matter how much you want to or think it is in their best interest. Knowing what someone else is feeling will not bring you clarity, knowing how you feel and what you want is the best avenue for bringing peace and balance to your life.

What value do you assign to yourself and your feelings? If you seek a committed relationship but you don’t commit to your own desires, then you are out of alignment. When you make a promise to yourself; whether it is to be healthier, or more loving, to save more money,  change that habit you dislike or start doing something you know is in your best interests: do you follow through? When you make promises to yourself and don’t keep them then you are not valuing your own worth. How can you expect other people to keep their word or commit to you when you don’t commit to yourself? Every time you break a promise to yourself then you are inviting others to break their promises to you. The value you set upon yourself will determine the quality of your relationships and experiences.

You need to understand what is important to you, and how important you are. Simplify your life down to three values. Yes, just three. Once you have defined the three most valuable things then look at how you are living those principles. Are you living them at all? If you value peace but create conflict then examine just how important peace is to you. If you value love and commitment but keep engaging in casual, fleeting relationships then you are not living your truth. Your value is your truth. If you are not living your values you are not expressing the true nature of your being. You have to know what is worth your time and energy, and commit to achieving that. When you know what is important to you and why, you will not settle for anything less. Why would you! Don’t discount yourself or put your truth on sale. The quality of your truth does not depreciate.

You have to know how valuable you are. Stop comparing yourself to others and what you think they have. Focusing your energy on someone exterior to yourself is not adding value to your life. Truly appreciating how amazing and valuable you are allows you to be open to the experience that is in your best interest right now. Don’t focus on one person, job, house etc, focus on the qualities you want and on what you can bring to the situation. You have value and you are worthy. Have faith in your ability to be a wonderful partner / friend / employee and accept the love that is waiting for you.

You have to be very clear about what you want, why you want it, and you have to know that you deserve it. It all comes back to the value you have for yourself. Settling for a relationship, job or situation that you know is not what you want is not appreciating your own worth. Look at your three most important values and determine how (or if) you are living them. Live in your own truth by embracing your values and expressing them in your daily life.

Everything that you experience happens within you. When you feel happy, that happiness is felt within your being. Sadness, rejection, loneliness, these are all states that you experience personally. Loneliness is not a bottled commodity that someone hands to you, it is an experience you accept and choose to participate in.

Every single thing you experience happens within you. People don’t make you feel loved, you feel love when you are with that person. Situations don’t make you feel angry, you express anger that already resides within you. External influences don’t make you feel good or bad, these feelings emanate from you. All feelings arise from within ourselves. You have never experienced anything external to yourself. Happiness, love, abundance, joy, bliss – all of these things are experienced internally. We project our feelings around us. It seems easier to be the victim, to say things happen to us and we have no control but this is not our truth. Our truth lies in what we value and how we can add value to the world within and around us.

You choose what you give your energy to. Whatever you channel your energy and attention into will grow. Whether it is what you want or not. Often we become overwhelmed with too many choices or no choices at all. Both of these are illusion. They can keep us stuck in the perception of limitation. Awareness of the expansive nature of our true self keeps us moving, changing, and growing. Whatever you are experiencing is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Create a life that you love to live and others will want to be a part of it. When you truly value who you are then you will attract others who recognize your worth. Living with authenticity attracts authentic people and situations.

Know what is valuable to you and how valuable you are. You could be the most amazing person currently on the planet but if you don’t acknowledge how great you are then no one else will know your awesomeness. When you accept that you are perfect, whole and complete just as you are then that state will be reflected back to you. Find your own value and shine brightly with the light that is uniquely you. You truly are one of a kind and the world needs you to embrace your worth and express your truth. You make the world a better place just by being you. Smile, shine, love, laugh, and live in the truth that you are perfectly valuable just as you are.


Love and Light,



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