Moving On With Love

By Gail: People constantly want to know should they move on or should they hang around and wait. Wait for someone or something to change. The answer is that you should always move on. That does not mean you have to give up on the person or the situation. It does not mean that by moving on you will never have that person in your life. What it means is that by getting on with your own life you stand the best chance of drawing what you want to you. Whether that is a person, a job, a relationship, or an experience. Moving on is the way forward to free your heart and allow love and happiness to fill every day. 

Life is always changing, it does not stand still. Life is energy in motion. Trying to hang on to anything causes stagnation. A stalemate. You need to keep your energy moving. Vibrant, energetic, alive. When you keep your energy alive you keep progressing and drawing to you the most amazing experiences, the most wonderful people, and the most fulfilling relationships. 


Moving on does not mean giving up. It does not mean abandoning hope or feeling like you failed. You do not have to jump into bed with the next person you meet or pack up and move to a different city. Moving on means finding ways to be happy every day. It means becoming the best and brightest version of yourself that you can be. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow and heal. It is important to be constantly evolving and it is important to be kind to yourself as you evolve. As with everything in life, moving on effectively requires patience and honesty.

You must be honest with yourself about what you want and where you want to be. Saying that you are moving on and dating someone new because you really want to get the attention of another person is not going to bring great results. It is not moving on, it is acting out. Your actions must be based in truth and motivated by love in order for them to move you towards where you want to be, and not further away from your truest heart’s desire.  Just saying that you’re moving on as a kind of challenge to the universe to bring you what you want is pointless. The universe sees through your deception. 

Saying that you are moving on when internally you are still hanging on to old wounds and pain is counterproductive. When you release the mental and emotional ties, you bring yourself into alignment with your actions in the physical world. Action, thought and emotion need to be balanced and aligned in order to achieve the best results. Action, thought and emotion need to be aligned with the purpose of leaving the old behind and moving into new territory – unhurt, unstuck and unbroken. 

Even if you absolutely, whole heartedly do not want to let go of someone or something it still must be acknowledged that things will be different even if you do get that person or thing back. Things cannot remain the same forever so even when the person you desire comes back to you things will have to be different or you will end up repeating the same cycle and ending up in the same situation again – apart. Moving on for yourself frees up your energy to experience new things, even if it does end up being new things with an old partner. 

Having a fresh, vibrant energy is hugely attractive. If you are resisting moving forward because you are waiting for someone to come back to you, instead you could try moving on and becoming so bright and magnetic that they simply have to be with you. By holding on and waiting for one specific outcome you are actually blocking the things that you want. Holding on creates resistance and this makes it almost impossible for the universe to deliver your desires. If is often only when we commit to creating our best lives for ourselves that suddenly all the things we have been wanting can freely flow to us. 

By releasing old fears, negative thoughts, unresourceful patterns and addictive tendencies you are making room for all the things you truly desire in this world. There is no room for things to come to you when your physical, mental and emotional space is already full. Shake up your energy by moving into new thoughts, new behaviors, and trying new things. Rediscover old and hidden parts of yourself that you had forgotten or lost along the way. Throw away the physical clutter around you, throw away the emotional and mental clutter that you have accumulated too. Breathe new life and new energy into who you are. 

Releasing the old and embracing the new is exciting, empowering, uplifting. You are opening yourself up to so many wonderful possibilities when you decide to stop carrying around the burdens and baggage of your past pain and allow the universe to bring you new and wonderful opportunities. Allow yourself to experience the love and happiness that you truly desire. It is hard for your heart to be happy when it is overshadowed with pain, doubt and fear or locked into limiting beliefs and outcomes. 

Your heart wants to be happy and it needs you to make the space that can allow happiness to flow through you. Take the time to look at areas of your life where you would benefit by letting go of the past and the pain and the limited outcomes, and move forward with love.  You can quit dragging around the past and recognize that every new day is a brand new adventure filled with endless possibilities. There is no need to wait for anything, you can begin moving on to a more fulfilling life right now. 


Love and Light,


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