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Empowers and enlightens your life.
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About Gail

I am a life maintenance manager extraordinaire and psychic philosopher who can help you empower and enlighten your life. I am a gifted Empath with 20 years of experience in dream interpretation, tarot reading and life, and psychic advice.

Let me provide insight into your dreams and provide you with practical tools to design and manifest your dream life. I can help you provide clarification on what you are really seeking, help form a life plan and teach you how to manifest it, challenge your perceptions and expand your awareness. I can help you with navigating your perceived burdens, limitations and obstacles.

My consultations are designed to give clients the insight, honesty, and tools they need to change their lives. Invest in your greatest asset - yourself, by getting a reading with me.

 My Experience: 
 Dream Interpretation
 30 years Tarot Reading
 20 years Life Coaching

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