The Mind Warrior Within

By Michael: “Do not speak badly of yourself. For the warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them.” It is a proven scientific fact that when we constantly berate ourselves, the body goes into its fight or flight mode. It is a survival mechanism which, incidentally far too many people, unbeknownst to themselves are pretty much permanently living in.


It causes the body to switch off the “mind warrior” receptors that allow us to be brave, strong and courageous. It is these feelings that allow the flow of life to pass through us providing us with the opportunity to live life as our true genuine authentic self. 

Instead, our focus is on survival. Episodically survival is required and we need to unleash the body warrior from within, here in the sympathetic mode, playing hard ball is most definitely a bonus! 

Yet each and every one of us has the mind warrior within us that when activated can transfer dis- ease into being whole. When working with the warrior mind, we no longer wish to settle for that OK job, that OK relationship, or that perception of “financially we are OK”. We choose to not rock the boat, as OK is placed well and truly in the comfort zone. 

So, if being “OK” is your mind warrior set, then it can be said for some folk that settling at this level of perception is also OK. Warriors are also good at simply steadying the ship and making situations work and function with the resources they have available to them. 

Being a mind warrior requires that we take care of our personal needs as a priority, that is to say that we must have our own house in order before we can assist others, and it begins with “why say yes when you really want to say no”. When you learn to say no, something amazing happens, you raise your self-esteem, you begin to value yourself more and your anxiety levels drop. As a consequence, you step out of the fight or flight mode and step into the rest and digest mode. In this Parasympathetic mode that the mind warrior can only be activated! 

When the mind warrior is activated, as a consequence the monkey brain is deactivated, the thoughts of “I don’t think I can do this”, or worse still, “I don’t think I am smart enough to do that” gets evicted and rightly so. It has after all been living in your conscious mind rent-free for arguably a very very long time! 

And so now with the monkey brain disposed of, you can enter the next stage of the mind warrior and that is- “build it and they will come”. Whatever it is you wish to build, a new career, financial abundance, or a new relationship or even reconciliation, you need to be a mind warrior and step up, be the initiator, the mover and shaker, the motivator, after all nothing can change without your own consent. (intention) 

As with all things, this way of thinking must become a habit, it must be an indelible part of your makeup that defines you so clearly that only the people who are drawn to your energy will come to you. (Build it and they will come). 

Certainly some family and friends may say, wow! He/she has changed, good for him/ her! And no doubt you will begin to ruffle feathers and it is most likely that some people you have known for a long while will begin to fade into the back burner or disappear from your life. Don’t fret, nothing is forever in this finite world and this process will be organic and at some level mutual. 

On the plus side, you will have noticed that in the peripheries of your social circle and the workplace, new people begin to step forward, they get you, you get them. Congratulations you are at the beginning of creating your new tribe and whilst you are conscious of and act within your own power, you will indeed be able to without any doubt create that new career, financial abundance, or a new relationship or even reconciliation. 

One of the most important achievements of releasing and sustaining the mind warrior within is that it frees you from polarized thinking. No longer do you accept black and white thoughts, this is right and that is wrong and so on. The mind warrior allows you to comfortably change your point of view from even a belief you have held all your life and to do so without chastising yourself. 

“The Warrior of the Light is a believer. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, love appears.” ― Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light 

Build it and they will come! 


Love and Light,


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