The Balance Of Cycles And Circles

By Gail: When we are unbalanced we can feel like we are spinning in circles and going nowhere. We become stuck in a holding pattern. We constantly sway between extremes: – often what we want and what we don’t; desire for the outcome and doubt it will happen; everything that is good one minute and everything that is bad the next. Every thought you have alters your vibration and moves you in one direction or another. Constantly swaying between opposites hampers your ability to move towards what you truly want. You just end up going around in circles.

On the one hand this relationship or job is perfect, on the other hand it is so not what we want. We become transfixed in a state of schizophrenia. He is perfect for me – this will never work. I want this job – I will never get it. I long to be healthy – I am so lacking in vitality. Every thought you have is a step in a certain direction. Every thought you have is directing where you are heading, or not heading, as the case may be. 


Life is an expression of energy. It comes in waves and cycles. This is different from going around in circles. Cycles and circles are two different things. When you tune in to the natural ebb and flow of life you are connected to the cycles of life and nature, when you go around in circles and don’t progress then you are stuck in a repeating circle. Recognize the difference. You can grow through cycles, you can remain stuck in circles. Which are you experiencing? 

Many of the problems we encounter in our day-to-day lives stem from a lack of balance. When we are swaying from side to side we have no momentum to move forward. We become caught in a self-perpetuating loop. This loop keeps us going in a circle. Move from the schizophrenia of your mind to the knowing of your heart and propel yourself in the direction you want to go in. Move from opposition and confusion to balance and clarity. The move requires you to shift your consciousness. It also requires you to be completely honest with yourself. 

Where are you experiencing extremes and opposing forces in your life – thoughts, actions, emotions, experiences? Where are you going around in circles and not progressing? When you really want to be healthy and healed, but you keep eating processed junk and finding ways to not exercise, then you are living two extremes. When you want a partner to commit to you but you don’t commit to yourself then you are living with opposing influences. For a moment you gravitate towards a healthy body or loving relationship, and then in the next moment you gravitate towards dis-ease or loneliness. Each step takes you around in a circle and you end up where you started. 

An important point to note here is that you must know where it is you want to be heading in order to be moving in the right direction. A GPS is useless when you aren’t clear about where you want to go. What are you thinking clearly about? What are your intentions? Saying one thing when you really want another is sending out mixed messages, you are scrambling your signal. The universe can’t bring you what you want because it doesn’t know what to tune in to. There are no set coordinates for it to lock on to so we end up on a wild goose chase searching around and around for something. Spinning in circles often leaves us feeling that we have no control. Move to the center of your being and know that you can control your inner states. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behavior – these are all in your control.  

People often say they can’t help how they feel. This is only true in part. Feelings arise within us, this cannot be denied, but how much energy and attention you choose to give these feelings is your own doing. When you stop feeding the feelings you don’t want to have they will stop surfacing as regularly. As you begin to tune your thoughts and feelings to the vibration of your desires you will find that you do have some control over your internal states. Dwelling on thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself, and indulging in feelings that trigger thought patterns of lack and despair are behaviors that will keep you going around in circles. 

How do we change our vibration? How do we go from swaying between opposites to being uniformly motivated in one direction? Life is energy in motion. The smallest shift in our perception can create a huge wave of difference in our lives. In every moment you have the ability to shift into a new dimension. Every moment you have is a chance to be different. To think differently, to feel differently, to speak differently and to behave differently. If you are not fulfilled with the results you are getting then you need to do something differently from what you have done before. Nothing around you will seem to change until you change the way you see things. 

Changing our perception requires conscious awareness of what we are choosing in every moment. Move beyond the illusion of the mind. Every moment offers the chance of renewal – a new way of living and loving and embracing existence. Get away from the same old part that you have been playing – move beyond the role that has trapped you in other people’s expectations. No matter how long you have spent asleep to your true heart it is never too late to wake up and make changes. You can play any role you like in this life – are you choosing to be the victim in a tragedy or the gorgeous superstar of your own romantic comedy? Or are you constantly swaying between the two, never finding clarity or reaching a conclusion? 

When we find different words to describe our lives and relationships we open the way to having different experiences. Using the same words and asking the same questions over and over again keeps us going in circles. If you find yourself constantly having the same conversations, the same arguments, saying the same things and asking the same questions then you are not allowing anything new to come into your life. Repeating yourself over and over is not progression. You need to make space for new experiences.  If you are sick of saying the same things you can guarantee that other people are sick of hearing them. Make an effort to use new words, have new conversations, if you really feel you have to argue with people and have new arguments. Better still, find new ways to relate to people that do not involve disagreements. So many people don’t seem to realize that they don’t have to argue with the world or anyone in it. Arguing with reality is like going around in circles, it is an argument you will never win. Find new ways of expressing yourself, new words, new thoughts, new beliefs. Find something new to share with the world. 

Everything in this life takes some effort on our part. Even when the perfect job or relationship falls into our lap we still need to work to maintain the situation and receive the full splendor of what is unfolding. Balance requires maintenance – there needs to be an equilibrium between the effort we put in and the rewards we are receiving. Reaping rewards when we are not contributing is not sustainable, just as doing all the work when we are not receiving any benefits is not a viable option in the long term. A one sided relationship is not balanced, it will go in circles rather than progressing in a chosen direction. We need to find a maintainable balance between what we want and what we are willing to give.  

If you are plagued by opposing forces you will find it hard to make progress. When your heart is pulling you in one direction and your head is driving you the other way this lack of balance and harmony will impede your ability to move anywhere. The heart whispers and the head screams – they often contradict each other leaving us confused, upset and apathetic. We feel like we are trying so hard and getting nowhere. Our efforts and rewards are not balanced. For how long will you endure this blindness to the balance essential to a happy and fulfilling life? By acting with harmony between your desires and behaviors you can move in the direction of your intention. You can make progress. 

Learn to quiet the chaotic mind and allow the voice of your heart to be heard. Achieving harmony between mind and heart is essential to gaining momentum in the direction of our choice.  We do need the rational processes of the intellect as much as we need the tender love of our heart, but for many of us the dominance of the head means that the heart goes unheard. Serve both equally. Keep from letting one dominate the other. We are often told we need to follow our heart but we also need to bring logic and practicality into the equation. 

Balance requires flexibility to flow and move with the rhythms of life. When you are rigid and unyielding you are not free to move in any direction. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, if you are not adaptable you won’t find the path. Life is a constantly changing adventure. It is energy in motion.  You need to step into it – not away from it or sideways to your intention. Be clear about your intention and step into your destiny with a wholehearted commitment to your desires. 

Find a way to integrate your heart and mind. Find balance between your desires and behaviors. When you complete a cycle you are ready to move on to the next adventure, rather than staying stuck in a circle of repetition. Constantly pour energy and attention into the things you want to experience. Devote your time and energy to the things you want to be true for you. Own your desires and take responsibility for the patterns you experience. If you are stuck spinning in circles only you can make the breakthrough that will give you the momentum to move forwards. There is no need to choose the same old patterns that keep you stuck in circles, choose something new and propel yourself towards your desires. If you want new relationships and experiences, you need to make new choices. As always, the choice is yours: choose something new. 

Love and Light,



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