The Art Of Visualization

By Farrah-H: It’s been some time since I wrote an article, I have been working for LifeReader almost 7 years now. In this time I have met and connected with thousands of women and men around the world and have been so grateful that I have been able to help shape, transform and guide people to a place of true abundance and joy… The ultimate goal for us all. But although I use my experience, skills, knowledge and spiritual gifts, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge no one is more powerful than you, and learning to use your energy, your spirit and mind can truly transform life as you know it to whatever it is you dream.

Today I am writing of something so powerful, so important to me, it is in fact the essence of everything I stand for in life, in my work, family and personal life it is something I use each and everyday. It is the art and the ability to visualize. We have all heard of visualization. And how powerful it is, in almost every article you see. We try for a bit, imagine what we want and we give up when we realize it’s not arrived in the first few days, weeks or months. I want to teach you how to visualize and the importance of getting it right. Because my goal is to help you transform your life, we are all gifted all born with the ability to do so, but unfortunately this is not something we are taught in schools, and I do have a vision of changing that. Visualizing is an art, one that can become so easy with practice.

1farrah2 I have visualized good wealth, good health, success in business, happiness with myself and the people I love, that dream holiday, whatever it is I have visualized it and can hand on heart say to you now it is absolutely everything. To visualize effectively and powerfully there are 5 key things you need to do which I have listed below, follow these, with absolute belief in what you are doing and absolute positivity releasing doubt and fear and you will be well on your way to that place you dream of whatever it looks like for you.

1. GET CLEAR WITH YOUR INTENTIONS- Getting clear with what you want is so important, it’s easy to write down a million goals and get lost with so many focusing on this and that, make it simple by picking the most important thing for you, for example, it may be that you want a dream job that allows you to work from home and earn 7 figures. Is it this that you really want or do you want what this brings which would be more time for you for your family and to enjoy life… This is what the ultimate goal is, so keep it simple everything else that gets you there is what I call a stepping stone to that ultimate goal.

2. PICK YOUR VISION- Imagine what it is you want, imagine it as though it exists in front of you right now, as though it is already your life, when you start doing this you are going to notice the ego creep in, when it does you will doubt your thoughts, your dream your vision and your capability, do NOT let your ego win, it is not who you are, when these thoughts creep in, take several deep breaths, imagine a white light focus on that light and while you are focused imagine you begin to float on a cloud keep this focus then release it, as soon as you do you will feel much better. Breathing more with deep fast breaths then switching to slow breaths.

3. PLAN YOUR VISUALIZATION- It’s easy to say yes I will visualize, but with busy schedules we often struggle to put aside 15 minutes to visualize. It’s ESSENTIAL that we plan and pop visualization in to our calendar when we do this we are more likely to achieve it, once you have done this each day for 21 days you will find it happens with ease, do not give up when you struggle to keep focused, like any muscle it will happen and improve with focus.

4. FEEL YOUR VISUALIZATION- Imagining something and visualizing is one thing, but begin to feel it each day not only in your visualization, but throughout the day feel it as though it is already here, go as far as writing in your journal about how amazing this feeling makes you feel, how lucky you are to be living your dream whatever this, do this every day even if you spend a quick 2 minutes, it is powerful and it will help.

5. BELIEVE AND BE PATIENT- patience is a virtue, it’s a form of resilience, it is a success, it is for the strong, it is for the wise, believing in your vision and being patient along the way, even if it takes months or years, it will happen and come, visualization is one thing, taking action is another, and I will speak more about action in my next article giving some handy tips on how to take action and detox from procrastination… stay tuned!

Allow these 5 steps to help guide you along your journey, feel free to message me. I am happy to chat with you on LifeReader chat or mail and answer any questions you may have, if you wish to practice visualization with me in a reading, we can do that too. I hope this knowledge empowers you through your day and gives you hope that you are all you need. DREAM BIG, GET CLEAR, BELIEVE.


Love and Light,


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