Take Back Your Own Power: Part 2

By Ann: Taking your own power back, this is the most important thing. You see an example when your partner is moody, and he starts to vent on you, how does this make you feel? When you go into defense mode, it will create feelings of anxiety and thinking all the negative things about your partner. The reason why you are thinking negative right now is because you have just taken on board what your partner has just vented on you. Are you to blame for the way he/she feels? The answer is no, the power of this energy belongs to the partner who is venting on you at the time.

ann3 You see, this is all about energy and how you look at this and of course your thoughts. You often wonder why your partner has not called you or your loved one is not contacting you, straight away, your thoughts run wild and then you go into a negative way of thinking. This creates energy you are putting out there, and often what you think at the time, is not how it is.

Gaining your power back is to see things only in your own energy and not try to be a mind reader for your partner or your loved one with whom you are with or who you want to be with. I often get asked by clients what is she or he feeling towards me.  What you really should be saying is how do I feel towards this person, am I willing to put it out there with positive energy to receive this back?

Taking your power back is about not listening to anything that is not good for you if it does not resonate with your higher self. Then you do not take this into your personal space. This can stop a lot of arguments throughout your family with your husband, partner, friend, work associates, parents, in any situation you can stop the defense mode and keep your own power.

It is really very simple you see, when you take on board someone else’s thoughts you then start to act on emotion. It works this way. You think the thought,you feel and then you act on the thought. In some cases, this can escalate into a feeling of anger, rage, or a feeling of contentment and happiness.

It all depends on the circumstances you are going through at the time. What is being said to you and how you handle the situation.

There is not one human being on this planet who is perfect, we are all one in the universe’s eyes. There is not one person who does not have faults.

Gaining your power back and keeping it, you need to go this way. Especially if the person who is venting at you targets you. If this does not sit well with you and you are getting upset, your higher self is not recognizing the truth in what the person is saying. Then you turn around to the person and say thank you for sharing this with me, but this is only your opinion and it is not mine.

If your partner’s behaviour is not good for you and you find yourself anxious and blaming yourself, for the way he or she is. Then, you have just given away your power or energy force for something that does not belong to you. It belongs to your partner’s behaviour and this is where it needs to stay.

If you do not do this, you will argue and create a negative vortex between the two of you, this creates separation.

You do not want this, so always keep your power and your energy, and remember by doing so, you will live a peaceful and fulfilling life.


Hugs and Love,


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