Take Back Your Own Power: Part 1

By Ann: When you think your life is at a standstill, and you think that this is not going anywhere, and this goes for your relationship and career path and of course health and finances, then, it is time.

When you come into this world you, have your parents to greet you, but have you thought of the journey before you enter planet earth?

ann3 You do not have any stresses, you do not have anything to worry about. You are totally dependent on your earthly parents to feed you, love you and comfort you, provide you or until you reach an age where you can do this for yourself.

So, in one way or another, your parents have given you your life and when you are disgruntled with them, remember this… There is no hand book on being a good parent. Love them and respect them for this.

But as a parent, this does not mean your children owe you anything either, just because you gave them life, this does not mean they have to comply with your rules in their grown up years.

We all have expectations on friendships, relationships, careers, parenting, Finances, you see the list goes on..
Moving forward, you must look at yourself. Whatever is in you comes out in your personality and you create the person you want to be, sure your parents have given you their personalities while you were growing up, how they do things and how they interact with people.

But when you are of age, you then develop your own set of life skills, you cannot blame your parents for anything. I do not expect you will agree with me, God loves everyone unconditionally. The universe whatever you believe in, the Creator, there are two powers in this universe. God is love and the negative forces, this is where blame and guilt and every negative emotion comes from.

The negative forces.. they know how to use them to manipulate you to create separation in all the things you are responsible with. Every thought, you think and do in this life. Where God is love and he gives you everything and all you must do is ask and he will be there. You see, what you do with the negative thoughts is what creates anxiety, bad health, money problems, separation in your relationship, and career, and this list can go on.

You have a choice. You can say to your negative thoughts. No I am not going to believe this. What negative thoughts I am thinking and change this straight away to a loving and kind thought. This is gaining your own power back.

If someone is putting you down, they are really putting themselves down and you do not have to believe what they are saying, this thought pattern belongs to them not you.

So, what you do is when you take on-board what someone says, you give away your power to them and how silly is this, then you get low on energy and feel upset or angry about a situation? Do not take anything on board, that is negative. If someone tells you something and it does not make you feel good, then, it does not resonate with your inner being. Do not accept the thought. This is gaining your own power back.

You can have anything you want in this life. It is the way you think and feel that counts and what thoughts you project out there is what you will get back, Negative or positive you have the choice.


If you have any questions, contact me.

Hugs and Love,


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