Laughter Is The Best Medicine

By Anastasia: The prescription for turning your life around has always been laughter for the human condition. When you can finally see clearly how absurd some situations can be, the emotion that laughter brings can heal you immensely out of a long time low you might be living in.

One of the best Aw Ha moments of your life is when you are able to see clearly that you cannot change another person’s decisions no matter what you do! The absurdity that we can fix or change another person’s mind or way of being is a waste of time. The cosmic joke is on us.

People change only if they want to. Have you ever tried to push a boulder up a hill?


I think not! This is what it’s like to try to change another person’s point of view. When I’m blessed with chat calls expressing and asking “Will they ever reunite with their twin flame?” or “Will their partners ever stop the addictive behaviors?”,  it is important that I clear a path for the forlorn inquirer especially if I can see the energy has been damaged or severed by pain and suffering. When the person has left the relationship for their various reasons, it’s my job and gift to help you see the end game or possibly a brighter day. Processing is an important step of the antidote to get you to the place that can bring you laughter and joy again and guide you so you can see there is really never a fixed outcome and each scenario is vastly different.

The universe is fluid and constantly changing. I suggest you change your thoughts and attitude so you keep yourself from backsliding into the past. This will help you look at the present situation straight in the eyes. This will help you realize it is what it is and you will heal faster with that knowledge under your belt. 

There are 3 steps to finding laughter and Joy in your life again. 

Step 1: Accept the fact that the situation is as it is. 

Step 2: Look within yourself and see if you can change that dynamic of relation to the other person. 

Step 3: Understand that whatever is happening in your mind; It’s happening in YOUR mind not the other parties mind. 

This way, you are free to allow the situation to change organically and not have to force an outcome. At this point you can begin to accept and even chuckle at why you might have been pushing that emotional boulder up that psychic hill and come to realize the insanity of the whole situation. You see we can only control ourselves and our ways of being not another. It’s up to each person to make healthy choices for themselves in relationship to co-workers, family members and intimate partners. In my private practice, I always know when a client has really gotten the whole picture for they start to express a little chuckle or out and out laugh about even the most heinous of situations. 

On a scientific level, laughter can release happy hormones or dopamine’s that we desperately need when we are going through many challenges of life.

So, if you are feeling stuck or caught in a web of what to do next please ring me on chat and let’s see if we can put some levity back into your life. Remember, if you can laugh at yourself and get distance from the situation why you are going through a rough patch, I guarantee there will be light at the end of that tunnel sooner than you may think!


Love and Light,


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