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About Anastasia

As a Stress Relaxation Therapist, I am gifted to help you slow it down and breathe. Guiding you to the present moment is my honor and a valuable gift for you so you are able to make new and loving decisions for your “now” and your future.The Guardian Angels have been my guides since birth and this is just a natural way for me to use my skills to help guide you. Many call upon me to help them with their twin flame search. It is always a pleasure to assist in this process. As an Herbal Intuitive I am skilled in helping you deal with possible issues through using your date of birth. I want you to feel loved and listened to, to have your fears and concerns validated but soothed and put into perspective, and to offer hope and light in a dark or confusing time.
I want you to feel uplifted and inspired when you talk to me, but I will not sugar coat things and will tell you what I am being shown no matter what. I will help you find a sense of hope and healing. I believe you can get through anything life sends your way. When you call or ring me on chat, I begin with prayer by inviting your guides and angels to be present before I even answer the phone so you get the most accurate reading. I knew my life's purpose was to help others uncover the unwanted patterns they did not want and help transmute the darkness to light. I have spent a fair amount of time clearing out my own "Karma" so to speak so I can be a clear channel and helper of humanity.  I am here to help you feel more capable of making your own decisions and I want you to experience the wonderful insight, understanding and validation that come with my readings. 
This is a constant process and remember we are all in process together. There truly are no coincidences. Keep in mind that it's "love" that is always working for you, seen and unseen known and unknown and it’s my firm belief that a call to loving yourself is part of why you are seeking out help. Many parts make up the whole person and we come to healers to help us realize these parts of ourselves and put us in touch with our unconscious so we can make informed decisions about our choices in life. So if you are struggling with your love life, relationships, family matters, career direction, money issues and wellness support. It will be my pleasure to serve you.
As an Executive Health and Wellness Coach for over 20 years, I have called upon my Intuitive herbal knowledge and hypnotherapy training to help people release unwanted patterns in their lives. When implementing medical astrology in my readings it’s not uncommon to get to the bottom of the issues quickly. We are not fixed by our "signs" or patterns unless by choice. When people explain their "problems" to me I am a firm believer in reframing the language as "lessons" to help you move to a brighter or higher vibrational space on the planet. I have the gift which the indigenous people call soul touch, which we refer to as empathy or the ability to connect and truly allow an individual to feel heard.
I was fortunate to find my life's work early in my life. So many of us are wounded and out of body so I call on the empathic soul’s Multi-sensory vibrational energy field to help you transform, shift or change your perceptions. I have trained with the world’s best herbalists and have been given great accolades for my skill in helping family dynamics come together when things are rocky. I hold my clients readings in highest confidence thus why I will not list the people who have graced my practice on chat, phone or my private practice.
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